Jan. 6 Committee Pushes ‘War Room’ Conspiracy Theory

The anti-Trump January 6 House Select Committee is still determined to find evidence for their so-called “war room” conspiracy theory, according to reports.

The partisan Committee is hoping to spread the unproven theory to smear President Donald Trump and his supporters as the one-year anniversary of the event arrives.

This conspiracy theory holds that Trump and his allies planned the unrest at the Capitol as part of a coup d’etat.

Liberal politicians and commentators have fixated on a meeting at the Willard Hotel in which Trump allies allegedly arranged the scheme.

Democrats push “war room” conspiracy theory

The January 6 mythology embraced by Democrats and their House committee has largely already committed them to the position that there was high-level planning involved.

There was no planning; even the notoriously liberal FBI has failed to produce any evidence to support the theory, despite their best efforts.

January 6 is the heart and soul of the new domestic war on terror proclaimed by the federal government.

There has to be some kind of foundation found for the myth.

The last desperate hope may also be the flimsiest.

Democrats and the media aim to seriously present the Willard Hotel meeting as a planning session for a violent government overthrow, an extremely far-fetched idea.

The one year anniversary celebrations have sparked some feverish articles about the potential for a right-wing coup in America at some point in the near future.

Obviously, this is just the leftist media continuing to indulge in the January 6 delusion.

Absence of evidence from the war room approach is another blow to the shared fantasy.

No end in sight for committee

The idea of coordination or planning for a coup doesn’t stand up to an ounce of scrutiny.

Anyone who doubts this should examine what actual coups looks like.

Plenty of them have happened around the world and the feds should know, given that the CIA has had a hand in plenty of them.

None of the protesters who stormed the Capitol were armed with anything more dangerous than flagpoles.

Once they entered the building they milled about aimlessly for a bit before being herded back outside by the police.

If there had been a real coup attempt of the sort the media likes to imagine then some of the Democrats managing the January 6 committee might not be here to whine about it.

A coup d’etat is a do or die affair for everyone involved.

If Trump had seriously intended to take power he would not have relied on a disorganized and unarmed mob of supporters  to carry out his plans.

The committee won’t find its crucial evidence in the war room fantasy because that evidence does not exist.

The only “big lie” here is the absurd hyperbolizing of January 6 at the hands of Democrats and the mainstream media.

The January 6 investigation will not find anything to support its “war room” theory but that certainly won’t dissuade them.

This investigation will continue for as long as they can possibly keep milking it.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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