Jeanine Pirro: ‘Everything’ Biden ‘Does Puts America Last’

Judge Jeanine Pirro has blasted Joe Biden over his numerous failures, arguing that “everything” the Democrat president does “puts America last.”

Pirro took aim at Biden on Fox News’s hit show “The Five” on Monday.

She said that nothing Biden does “makes sense.”

The judge also demanded Biden find some solutions to the multiple problems this country faces.

“None of what Joe Biden does makes sense,” Pirro said.

“And the problem is with Joe Biden, and the Democrat Party, what you’ve got is a party that is ideologically so connected, that it’s almost like a cult.

“Okay? The Democrats don’t vote for Republicans basically under any circumstances that I know of.

“Republicans will vote for a Democrat.

“They’ll criticize Donald Trump the month after he gets in.

“The Democrats don’t criticize Joe Biden.

“That’s why there are all these whispers that they are talking about.”


“But the concern is this,” Pirro continued.

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“In spite of the economy, inflation, and everything else, the blame game, and the American public sees through it, they don’t buy into the blame game.

“All the American public wants to know, Joe, what are you going to do about this?

“How are you going to change this?

“How are you going to make my life better, and all this guy can talk about is green energy, buying lithium batteries from China, opening up the pipeline from Russia, so we can buy gas from Russia, and then making sure that he shuts down our pipeline, when we can’t even afford to go to work, some people.

“They can’t afford to buy food.

“They can’t afford to buy groceries.

“It’s just a mess here.

“And Joe Biden would have a better shot at it if he at least didn’t depend on other countries for oil, Russia opening up their pipeline, China lithium batteries.

“Everything he does puts America last.

“I don’t care if they whisper, they don’t whisper, it’s over for Joe after the midterms,” she said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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