Psaki: ‘Foreign Agents’ Are Behind Biden Investigations

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is still running cover for her old boss from her new job at MSNBC.

Psaki is claiming that “foreign agents” are behind the investigations into Democrat President Joe Biden and his family.

On her MSNBC Sunday show, Psaki had anti-Trump Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) as a guest.

Psaki tried to drive the narrative that Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY) may be compromised by “foreign agents.”

She asked Raskin:

“How concerned are you that James Comer was knowingly, unknowingly, working with, co-opted by a foreign agent?”

All in to distract from any possible criminal Biden family activity, Raskin replied:

“I am just concerned that the House Oversight Committee, which has a very proud history is suddenly being compromised in a really serious way.

“Our legitimacy is being eroded by the tactics adopted by Chairman Comer.”

Raskin continued:

“[House Republicans] essentially have said, ‘we will validate anybody who will say anything about the Bidens.’

“There are real issues that are confronting our people, and [Republicans] are off on this wild goose chase related to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and their main witnesses are people who are fleeing justice in America.”


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As House Republicans put more pressure on the Biden family, Democrats have come out of the woodwork to try to discredit the investigations of possible influence peddling and criminal pay-to-play schemes that are being brought to light.

The investigations are still ongoing with both the House Oversight Committee as well as the House Judiciary Committee holding hearings and pushing forward.

Only time will tell what is uncovered and if anything goes beyond these investigations.

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By David Lindfield
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