Jerry Nadler: Reports of Men Competing in Women’s Sports Are ‘Mistruths’

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has falsely claimed that “men do not compete in women’s sports.”

Nadler made the claim during a congressional hearing where he alleged that reports of men competing in women’s sports are “mistruths.”

The congresswoman attempted to push the far-left narrative despite records showing that male athletes have won nearly 300 titles in female sports, according to the website SheWon.

Nevertheless, Nadler insisted that “gender identity” must overrule biological facts in the congressional record.

Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) wanted to enter into the record stats on titles stolen from women as well as data on females injured by male athletes.

“Men do not compete in women’s sports,” Nadler claimed in response to Hageman’s request.


“Transgender women [sic] may compete in women’s sports,” he added.

Nadler said he objected to Hageman entering “mistruths” into the congressional record.

However, it is a biological fact that it is scientifically impossible for a person to change their gender.

It doesn’t matter how many surgical procedures a person has, what cocktail of drugs they consume, what clothes they wear, which pronouns they demand the world uses, or how many times they vote Democrat, they can never, ever, change their gender.

As most Americans were taught in high school biology class, a person’s sex is determined at the chromosomal level, in every cell of the human body, and cannot be altered.

Nevertheless, Nadler claims that these scientific facts are now so-called “mistruths” because they conflict with the Democrats’ radical agenda.

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Despite Nadler’s claims, SheWon has cataloged the stolen titles, proving that men, in fact, do compete in women’s sports.

In 2024 alone, there are at least 12 examples of female athletes losing out to men who claim they are “trans women.”

In 2022 and 2023, there were numerous other examples.

Male athletes beat out women in sports where physical differences would clearly make a difference, including cross-country running, track and field, and golf.

SheWon calculates that beyond titles, men have taken nearly 900 awards, scholarships, or other honors from female athletes across 428 competitions in 29 sports.

The website currently lists 297 stolen first-place titles, 263 second-place titles, and 250 third-place titles.

This also happens in Nadler’s home state of New York, where a male runner has dominated collegiate track meets.

The male, now goes by the name “Sadie” Schreiner.

At the All-Atlantic Regional Championships in early March, Schreiner won the 200-meter dash while running for Rochester Institute of Technology.

Just this weekend, Schreiner won first place at the Geneseo Early Season Invitational in both the 200-meter dash and 400-meter dash.

That makes the total of stolen first-place titles at least 299.

Schreiner’s wins in early March led the leader of Houghton University, a Christian school in New York, to say “Enough is enough.”

“Too many leaders, parents, professional athletes, and people of goodwill have been silent as female athletes are humiliated, silenced, and robbed of hard-earned opportunities,” Houghton University President Wayne Lewis stated.

“That silence is complicit with the fringe agenda that threatens to dismantle girls’ and women’s athletics.”

As Slay News reported last month, Nadler’s Democrat colleague Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) suffered a faux meltdown and claimed male athletes competing in female sports don’t “harm” anyone.

However, Jayapal was swiftly “fact-checked” by a seriously injured female volleyball player.

Payton McNabb, a 19-year-old from North Carolina, was injured in a game by a male opponent who was competing as a female by “identifying as transgender.”

McNabb was struck in the face by a male player during her varsity high school volleyball match in September 2022.

The male player knocked McNabb unconscious in a spike—a move intended to hit the ball in the game.

The incident forced McNabb to spend months recovering from headaches and concentration problems.

A clip of Jayapal’s “emotional” statement went viral on X and was shared in a post by McNabb.

“Just getting back from my second doctor appointment this week, a year and a half later, I’m definitely going to have to disagree,” McNabb said alongside a clip of Jayapal’s claims.

“My life is forever changed because of an injury by a boy.

“So yeah … men have harmed women in our sports.

“But as long as your feelings don’t get hurt, right?”

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By Frank Bergman

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