Jesse Watters Drops Hammer on Democrats for Playing Hot Potato with Migrants: ‘They Are Viewed as Servants’

Fox News star Jesse Watters has dropped the hammer on the Democrats for playing hot potato with illegal border crossers, noting that the liberal elite views migrants “as servants.”

Watters called the Southern Border a “war zone” under President Biden before blasting the Democrats’ treatment of migrants.

“The southern border is becoming a war zone,” the host said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“Foreign nationals dressed in camouflage are scaling barriers and sprinting into the country.

“Biden’s open border and the suction of sanctuary cities have created a conveyor belt of illegals from Central and South America.

“New York City, already reeling from a homeless crisis that they’re responsible for, is unable to absorb the thousands of illegals arriving by bus and plane.

“All the money for affordable housing was stolen by crooks who run nonprofits, so the mayor decided to build a tent city in a working-class neighborhood.

“The residents weren’t thrilled.

“Because of the spotlight put on this tent city, thanks to you, it’s now being moved. Where’s it going?

“It’s going to Randalls Island in AOC’s district.

“Randalls Island, a tiny island off the east side of Manhattan, is home to the city’s insane asylum, its waste treatment facility and fields for kids to play sports on.

“So naturally, it’s the perfect place to build a tent city for thousands of illegal aliens.

“Maybe if AOC hadn’t killed thousands of jobs that Amazon was going to bring to New York, the migrants might have had a place to work, but now they’re going to freeze on an island with nowhere to go except maybe swan dive into the East River and swim to Queens.

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“AOC wasn’t happy about migrant tents in her district and ripped Democrat Mayor Eric Adams.

“Not in my backyard, she said.

“Well, who’s then?

“Nancy wants to ship them to Florida to pick her crops.

“I thought these migrants were DREAMers that were going to go to college to become doctors.

“Now, Nancy just wants them to work in the fields.

“Madam Speaker says the oranges aren’t going to pick themselves.”


“One liberal group is busing them down to Florida to clean up the damage from the hurricane,” Watters continued.

“We remember the Texas sheriff who sued DeSantis because the migrants he sent to the vineyard were supposed to be working in the kitchen and serving him dinner.

“So, it’s clear to see: The illegals are viewed as servants by the Democrats.

“They’re opening the border for the help.

“These aren’t asylum seekers.

“These are just waiters and field hands for a party that fought a civil war to keep their slaves,” he said.


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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