Jim Jordan Blows Case Wide Open: ‘FBI Lied about Meeting Regarding NY Post’s Laptop Story’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has accused an FBI agent of lying under oath about the federal agency’s efforts to censor reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

San Francisco-based FBI Special Agent Elvin Chan lied under oath about discussions he had with Big Tech companies.

According to an internal Facebook document, Chan lied about suppressing The New York Post’s reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive ahead of the 2020 election.

The internal communications, obtained by Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee, show Chan made false statements about his communications with Facebook over the bombshell October 2020 reports that exposed Democrat President Joe Biden’s role in his son’s foreign influence peddling business.

Jordan released part four of the “Facebook Files” to expose the censorship of Americans by the Biden administration, federal agencies, and related organizations.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter, Jordan said:

“Internal FB docs reveal that an FBI Special Agent made false statements in testimony about the FBI’s role in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story: FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan is the main conduit between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and Big Tech.

“Agent Chan was in the meeting between the FBI and Facebook on Oct. 14, 2020—the day the @nypost  published its story on the Hunter Biden laptop.

“Laura Dehmlow is the current Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force.

“On Oct. 14, when Facebook asked if the laptop was real, she responded ‘no comment’ even though the FBI had the laptop and knew it was real.

“In July, @JudiciaryGOP and @Weaponization interviewed Laura Dehmlow.

“Her testimony was shocking, revealing that the FBI deliberately withheld critical information from social media companies about Hunter Biden’s laptop the day that the @nypost story broke.

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“In her interview, we learned, for the first time, that the FBI met with Twitter on October 14 before meeting with Facebook the same day.

“When Twitter asked if the laptop was real, an FBI agent said ‘yes.’

“But a second FBI agent—a lawyer—jumped in, cut him off, and said, ‘no further comment.’

“But it gets better,” Jordan continues.

“Dehmlow revealed that the FBI then had emergency internal deliberations to decide how to answer that same question going forward.

“Someone at the FBI—the FBI refuses to say who—ordered that the FBI would say ‘no comment’ going forward.

“Later that same day—October 14—Facebook met with the FBI, including Chan and Dehmlow.

“Facebook asked the same question: is the laptop real?

“Now having its story straight, the FBI responded, ‘no comment.’

“Did Dehmlow know that the FBI had the laptop and it was real? Yes.

“Did other key members of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force know? Yes.

“The FBI knew the laptop was real and yet decided it would say ‘no comment.’

“We know what happened next.

“Twitter and Facebook censored the @nypost story.

“The Biden campaign secretly set in motion the events that led to the 51 former intel officials discrediting the story as Russian disinformation.

“So, just weeks before the 2020 election, most Americans either did not hear about the story or were misled to believe that it was the product of Russian disinformation.

“Fast forward to November 2022,” Jordan said.

“Elvis Chan is being deposed as one of the key figures in the government’s censorship regime.

“He is obligated to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

“Chan first testified about the October 14 Facebook-FITF meeting where Dehmlow said ‘no comment’ when Facebook asked if the Hunter Biden laptop was real.

“Chan was then asked if the FBI had any meetings with companies, other than the Facebook meeting, about the Hunter Biden story.

“Chan responds that he is ‘confident’ that he was not part of any meetings with Big Tech about Hunter Biden.

“Chan was asked again if, other than the October 14 Facebook-FITF meeting, he was ‘aware of any communications between anyone at Facebook and anyone at the FBI related to the Hunter Biden laptop story?’

“He answered: ‘No.’”

Jordan continues:

“The Committee has recently obtained an internal Facebook document PROVING that Agent Chan had a secret ‘follow up’ call with Facebook about the Hunter Biden laptop story on October 15, just one day after the @nypost story and the first Facebook meeting!

“Those weren’t Agent Chan’s only inconsistent statements.

“Agent Chan also claimed in the deposition that he had ‘no internal knowledge of [the FBI’s] investigation’ involving Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“But the Facebook employee, an ex-FBI agent, wrote—the day after the story broke—that ‘Chan advised that he was up to speed on the current state of the matter within the FBI.’

“Chan also told FB that ‘there was no current evidence to suggest any foreign connection…of the leaks.’

“Of course, there was ‘no evidence’ of ‘any foreign connection.’

“The laptop was real, and the FBI knew it.

“The FBI had the laptop since December 2019.

“Is there any wonder why the Biden DOJ has so far stonewalled the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?”

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By David Hawkins

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