Jim Jordan Slams Biden’s Disastrous First Year: ‘There Isn’t One Policy’ That’s ‘Been Any Good’ for America

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Democrat President Joe Biden for his like of achievements in his first year.

Speaking during an interview with Fox News, Jordan called out Biden’s nonsensical claim that “America is back.”

Seemingly ignoring multiple crises under his watch, Biden made the claim during an interview on NBC’s thanksgiving parade broadcast.

“Let’s talk about the President of the United States. He was on NBC and he had this surprise phone call and he says that America is back. But Americans at home don’t feel that way, congressman. What say you?,” the Fox News host asked.

Jordan said: “No, there isn’t one policy they’ve done that has been any good for the country this year.

“And of course, the biggest thing right now is inflation. You want to buy a home, it will cost more; you want to rent an apartment, it will cost more; to put food on the table, it costs more, to put gas in the car costs more; and of course, Thanksgiving Turkey and now Christmas presents all cost more.

“We are at a 31-year-high in inflation.

“They can say what they want, but the American people understand it for what it is.

“So what was it, like four weeks ago President Biden said now, if we pass this Build Back Better plan, another $2 trillion in spending, somehow that will help inflation.

“There is not a rational, sane person on the planet who believes that.

“So, yeah, their policies have been bad across the board and it seems to me it’s intentional because they just keep making things worse.

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“Whether it’s the border, whether it’s inflation, you name it, that is the situation.

“So I think the American people fully understand it.

“Remember, three weeks ago in committee, Ro Khanna, Democrat member of Congress, we had the CEOs of oil and gas companies in there, and Ro Khanna was badgering the witnesses saying, ‘Will you pledge today, will you promise to decrease production?’

“And I’m like, the same time you’re trying to get American companies to decrease production, you have the President of the United States begging OPEC to increase production.

“I asked him in the hearing, I said, ‘What do you guys want? $8 gasoline?’ And the truth is, they do.

“They are this committed to their crazy Green New Deal policies, they actually want to harm American families.

“And I hate to say that because you wouldn’t think guys in elective office would really want to do that to their constituents and to our country, but, in fact, they do.

“The border has to be intentional.

“1.7 million illegal crossings this year.

“What they are doing to the price of goods and services has to be intentional with their crazy spending.

“And now they’ll make it even worse by putting tax increases if they pass this plan, putting tax increases on the very people who have seen busting their tail trying to help their family over the last several months,” he said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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