Biden’s Worst Fear Confirmed as First Official Primary Challenger Emerges for Democrat Nomination

Democrat President Joe Biden has just had his worse fears confirmed from within his own party as the first primary challenger for the 2024 presidential election has emerged.

Marianne Williamson has confirmed that she is running for president as a Democrat, becoming the first announced candidate to challenge Biden.

The best-selling spiritual author, who also ran in the 2020 Democrat primary, has a huge following that could be trouble for Biden.

She said: “I wouldn’t be running for president if I didn’t believe I could contribute to harnessing the collective sensibility that I feel is our greatest hope at this time.

“People who run the government are divided into two categories, those who either don’t care to fix it or do not have the spine to fix it.

“And neither category should be running this country.

“How can you claim to be a champion of democracy when your own process is so undemocratic?

“What we’re experiencing is the latest iteration of forces who put their property rights and their short-term economic gain before the health, safety, and well-being of the majority of people.

“Other generations have pushed back against that.

“Now it’s our turn to do that.”

During her previous candidacy, Williamson saw good numbers early until a panicked media went to work on her and according to her, intentionally mischaracterized her work.

“They tried to paint me as silly, they tried to paint me as unserious because they know I’m not,” she said.

She said earlier that she plans on using Trump’s playbook to gain traction in the race because she says, Trump “hit a nerve.”

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“Apparently Biden’s going to run on a message that the economy is getting stronger,” she said.

“I think that speaks to the disconnect between the analysis of party elites versus the struggle of everyday Americans.

“We’re being asked to limit our political imaginations — to just accept the low unemployment and low inflation rate, that that is sort of the best that we can get.

“But that is a hollow victory.

“The majority of Americans are still struggling to survive.

“If Build Back Better had passed, that would have been quite extraordinary.

“But there’s a lot of sleight of hand here.

“For instance, there is more money in the Inflation Reduction Act given to green energy investment, all of which is good. But on the other hand, once again, there are more drilling permits than even were given under the Trump administration.

“How can the Democratic Party present itself as a champion of democracy and do something as undemocratic as overtly engineering the primary schedule to make sure that their chosen candidate would win it?

“That is spitting in the face of democracy,” Williamson said.

“My strategy would be to tell the truth as I understand it.

“Did Donald Trump in 2016 have a strategy?

“I don’t think he had a strategy. He hit a nerve.

“The problem is that those in power do not have the solutions and those with solutions do not have the power.

“It’s almost heartbreaking to see all the people in this town, who work for NGOs who work for humanitarian organizations, who are talking about green energy, regenerative agriculture, climate change, carbon sequestration, peacebuilding — the most they can get is a returned phone call.

“That is not the way to run a government.

“I’m certainly not anti-science,” she said of how the Democrats will attack her.

“I’m not anti-vax. I’m not the crystal lady.

“I didn’t tell people they got sick because they didn’t pray enough.

“Basically, I’m not stupid.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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