Biden Tries to Blame Media for His Failings, Claims He’s Done a ‘Lot of Major Things’

Democrat President Joe Biden has tried to shift the blame for his plummeting popularity, arguing that the media only covers his failings and ignores the “major things” he’s supposedly done.

Biden made the comments during a soft-ball appearence on ABC’s Kimmy Kimmel show.

However, while trying to blame the media for his terrible job performance, he drew more attention to his own weaknesses with his rambling answers.

“There’s a lot of major things we’ve done,” Biden said.

“But what we haven’t done is we haven’t been able to communicate it in a way that is … let me say it another way.”

Kimmel couldn’t resist mocking Biden for not being able to communicate on national TV.

“Well see, that’s kind of perfect,” Kimmel said.

“Haven’t been able to communicate it…”

“Look how the press has changed,” Biden said, trying to blame the media.

“With notable exceptions, even the really good reporters, they have to get a number of clicks on nightly news.

“So instead of asking a question … anyway … it’s just, everything gets sensationalized.”

“Can’t you issue an executive order?” Kimmel asked Joe about guns.

“Trump passed those out like Halloween candy.”

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“I have issued executive orders within the power of the presidency to be able to deal with these, everything having to do with guns and gun ownership,” Biden said.

“All the things that are within my power.

“What I don’t want to do — and I’m not being facetious — I don’t want to emulate Trump’s abuse of the Constitution and the constitutional authority.

“I often get asked: ‘Look, the Republicans don’t play it square. Why do you play it square?’

“Yeah, well, guess what?

“If we do the same thing they do, our democracy will literally be in jeopardy.”

Kimmel said, “It’s like you’re playing Monopoly with somebody who won’t pass ‘Go’ or won’t follow any of the rules.

“And how do you ever make any progress if they’re not following the rules?”

“You’ve gotta send them to jail,” Biden said.

While talking about Biden’s stalled agenda, Kimmel said later: “This all makes perfect sense.

“And the fact that this makes sense is why it doesn’t make sense, and why it seems so crazy, and that we have so many problems and that.

“Maybe it’s just that Americans aren’t as knowledgeable as they should be.

“Or maybe there is a Death Star pumping false information into our brains.”

Biden said: “Fox, right?”

Kimmel said: Yeah. Or maybe.

“Or maybe it’s always been this way.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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