Joe Rogan Warns ‘Fake World of Leftist Ideology’ Is Destroying the Country

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has warned that “leftist ideology” and “progressive policies” are tearing the country apart.

Rogan tore into the Left’s “cult” during a recent episode of his massively popular podcast.

The prolific podcaster welcomed fellow comedian Bobby Lee to “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Rogan attempted to sell Lee on the idea of him moving from California to Austin, Texas.

After making the move himself in 2020, Rogan explained all of the advantages of living in Austin versus Los Angeles.

“It’s a great place tax-wise, it’s great place traffic-wise, it’s a great place,” Rogan said of the city of Austin.

“The most important thing is people-wise.

“The people here are so friendly.

“Austin people are great people,” he noted.

“They’re really nice. They’re nice.

“They’re not s**theads, they’re not Hollywood people.

“They’re not lost in this fake world of leftist ideology that everybody’s trapped in.

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“They’re just people, they’re just regular people, man.

“And those people exist outside of these, these blue bubbles where everyone’s gone insane.”

Rogan admitted that he used to be part of the liberal “bubble.”

He said he never voted for a Republican in his entire life and confessed that he was “100% a left-leaning person who lived in Los Angeles.”

However, Rogan slammed the radical leftist ideology of California.

He declared that the state has now gone “full communist.”

Rogan rattled off a list of the “insane” policies in Democrat-controlled areas of California that have had significant consequences.

The policies he highlighted include the “defund the police” movement, Proposition 47 which made theft under $950 a misdemeanor, the zero-bail policy, and progressive district attorneys releasing criminals who committed violent crimes.

He continued by asserting that San Francisco is now “non-existent.”

“Most of San Francisco is emptied out of like big chain stores and big department stores,” he explained.

Lee chimed in, “I won’t even do stand-up there anymore. They ruined it.”

Rogan said the crime-infested city needs “some hardcore Rudy Giuliani-type motherf***er to come in there and knock heads.”

In the 1980s, Giuliani was a bulldog prosecutor who took down mafia bosses in New York City.

He continued to rid the city of crime as NYC mayor.

Rogan continued by saying that he viewed himself as being left-leaning.

However, he said the extreme policies of the Democrats have now forced him to “the middle” politically.

Lee agreed, and also said that he is in the middle now, and it “only happened in the last year.”

Rogan said the Left is now a “cult.”

Anyone who criticizes the cult will be attacked for it, he noted.

“It gets into these weird gray areas, like, trans people in women’s bathrooms,” Rogan said.

“Like, says who? Says who? How do you know that’s a real trans person?

“How do you not know that’s a f**ing creep that wants to pull his d*** out in front of kids?”

The podcaster said if you even question if someone is a legitimate transgender individual or a sexual pervert, you’ll be “excommunicated” from the cult and get “treated like you’re a Nazi.”

Rogan told Lee, “So over time, you and I who used to be on the left, are now like, ‘Where’s the left? Where are you guys? You guys are so far away. I can’t even see you. You’re out of you’re mind’”

“You’re f***ing chopping d***s off and giving little kids hormone blockers,” he said.

“You have no idea what the long-term consequences are.

“You’re ignoring the health risks.

“You won’t even talk about the health risks.

“You use things like gender-affirming care. What are you saying?”

Rogan believes that many liberals don’t actually believe in these ideas.

However, he said many on the Left think leftist ideology will be seen as a “noble thing to blurt out so everybody goes, ‘You’re on the right team.”

WATCH: (WARNING: Explicit language)

Lee asked Rogan if he gets nervous when he points out the destructive policies of the Left.

Rogan replied, “No. I live here.

“This is Texas – 99% of the people agree with me.

“Even the left-leaning people here are way more reasonable.”

Lee explained that if he tells a certain joke in a liberal city it “dies,” but he did the same joke in Texas and it “killed.”

Rogan explained that his Comedy Mothership in Austin is “specifically designed and nurtured just for what’s funny” and not for virtue-signaling.

He also bashed musicians who spout lectures about “climate change” in the middle of a concert.

“Shut the f*** up. Shut the f*** up and play the song, entertain me,” he blasted.

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By David Lindfield
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