John Kerry-Backed Taxpayer-Funded ‘Climate Reparations’ Scheme Will Do Nothing for the Environment, Experts Warn

A plan pushed by John Kerry to invest vast sums of American taxpayer money into a “climate reparations” scheme will have no impact on the environment, energy experts are warning.

Kerry, Democrat President Joe Biden’s unregulated “climate czar,” is pushing for billions in U.S. tax dollars to be pumped into the scheme to allegedly “save the planet” from “global warming.”

However, several leading energy experts reportedly told the Daily Caller that the money will do little more than fund discussions about the globalist green agenda.

Officials and green agenda bureaucrats from underdeveloped countries have called for a so-called “climate losses and damages fund.”

The plan will see taxpayers from Western nations that have historically emitted high levels of greenhouse gases, such as the United States, funnel huge sums of money through unelected globalist organizations to compensate developing and poor countries for the claimed effects of “climate change,” according to Axios.

During the last United Nations (UN) climate conference in 2022, delegates heeded the calls of environmentalists and agreed in principle to establish a “climate losses and damages fund.”

However, limited progress has been made toward realizing that pledge as this year’s conference, known as COP28, draws closer on the calendar.

Experts say a finalized agreement on the program is unlikely to be reached at COP28.

Despite the agreement to eventually establish a fund, there is currently an impasse over what shape it should take, according to Axios.

The U.S. has suggested that the World Bank should assume responsibility for administering it.

But representatives of some developing countries disagree strongly.

Many suspect that American influence over the institution would allow for it to be gamed in a way that might allow the U.S. to sidestep or otherwise evade whatever concrete commitments it may make.

Notably, China, which is technically a “developing country” in the eyes of the United Nations, may not be required to pay into the fund, according to China Dialogue.

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The free pass for the Chinese Communist Party comes despite China’s role as the world’s second-largest economy and leading emitter of greenhouse gases in 2022.

In fact, China produces more polluting emissions than the rest of the top five polluters combined.

“I have to hand it to them: they keep coming up with new and clever ways to redistribute wealth,” Tom Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, told the Daily Caller.

Pyle said that the push for the U.S. to contribute substantially to the fund is an idea that’s “frivolous and fantastical.”

The Biden administration “will bend over backward to create the appearance that this is a priority for them, but the reality is that Congress will never appropriate a dime for this, even if the Democrats somehow managed to control both chambers” of the legislature, he added.

Meanwhile, Biden’s “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” John Kerry has rejected the notion that such a fund would amount to a form of climate reparations.

According to Climate Change News, Kerry has indicated that finalizing the creation of a “climate losses and damages fund” is a priority issue for him going into COP28.

“How can you look somebody in the eye, with a straight face, and not accept the notion that there are damages, there are losses?” Kerry told The Guardian in a January interview.

“We see them all around the world.”

Kerry didn’t provide any evidence of the “damages” and “losses” he claims are visible “around the world,” however.

“American families and businesses are already paying too much for energy because of the Biden administration’s ‘America Last’ policies,” Dan Kish, a senior research fellow for the Institute for Energy Research, told the Caller.

“Forking over billions to third-world kleptocracies so they can stuff their Swiss bank accounts with taxpayer money will repulse most Americans,” he continued.

Kish added that “impoverishing Americans to make people around the world stay poor is a plan only John Kerry could support.”

American delegates are attempting to walk a fine line between furthering the fund’s creation and stopping short of possibly exposing the U.S. to legal liability for its historical greenhouse gas emissions, according to Axios.

Sultan Al Jaber, who is set to chair COP28 in the United Arab Emirates, is heavily promoting the climate reparation fund.

“The eyes of the world are on you to deliver clear, clean, and strong recommendations ahead of COP28 to operationalize the Loss and Damage Fund and funding arrangements, so it can be activated and capitalized soon after,” Al Jaber recently told the negotiating committee regarding the impasse in talks, according to Axios.

The outcome of the negotiations regarding the fund’s structure could have a major impact on the outcome of other key issues to be discussed at COP 28 given its outsized importance in establishing trust between the developed and developing worlds, according to Axios.

“It’s no surprise to watch climate zealots fight over who holds the checkbook because grifting taxpayer dollars is the foundation of sand on which the green agenda thrives,” Larry Behrens, communications director for Power the Future, an energy policy advocacy group, told the Daily Caller.

“Leftist politicians like Joe Biden and John Kerry have thrown open the cash vault for their climate failures here at home, and they shouldn’t be shocked that the rest of the world wants their cut too,” he continued.

“These climate reparations are nothing more than a global shakedown orchestrated by those who live under the fallacy that money changes weather.”

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