John Podesta to Replace John Kerry as Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’

Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign manager John Podesta will replace John Kerry as Democrat President Joe Biden’s so-called “climate czar,” the White House has announced.

When Biden assumed office in 2021, he created the unnecessary, unregulated, and unelected role of “U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.”

Biden appointed his old friend Kerry for the taxpayer-funded role which has seen the “climate czar” traveling around the world on private jets to lecture the public about “global warming.”

However, Kerry announced last month that he’s stepping down from the role to work on Biden’s re-election campaign instead.

In the three years since Biden created the potion, it is unclear what Kerry has accomplished, aside from blowing millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Nevertheless, Biden will be replacing Kerry will another unelected bureaucrat, his old pal and long-time Clintonite John Podesta.

Last year, Biden created another new role of “clean energy czar” for Podesta, a former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, to lecture the public on “climate change.”

Podesta admitted Biden’s so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” is actually the Marxist Green New Deal that was just repackaged with a different name.

“We have to cut the carbon pollution that’s driving the climate crisis and that’s what the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is all about!” Podesta said last August.

Podesta also falsly claimed Americans across the political spectrum support “climate change” mandates.

“Across the political spectrum, they support the movement to cleaner forms of energy, cleaner forms of transportation!” Podesta said.


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As Slay News reported last month, Kerry will step down as Biden’s “Climate Envoy” before early spring.

Kerry was appointed as Joe Biden’s Climate Czar in November 2020 during the transition.

Since then, Kerry has operated in secret for three years.

Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) filed a FOIA lawsuit to obtain emails between Kerry’s office and various “climate change” groups.

The emails turned over to PPT from Kerry’s office were heavily redacted.

Not one staffer’s name was revealed.

Fox News obtained the documents from PPT.

PPT director Michael Chamberlain told Fox News:

“It hardly seems in the public interest, in fact, it appears the antithesis of serving the public interest, to hide the names of government officials who are communicating with controversial outside activist organizations that are attempting to influence government policy.”

Last July, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) asked Kerry to identify the senior staff working in his office on taxpayer’s dime.

Kerry refused to identify his senior staffers and suffered a meltdown after the congressman pressed him to be transparent.

Elsewhere during the hearing, Kerry was caught lying about his own private jet use.

Podesta will also likely be operating in secret at the taxpayer’s expense.

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