Jon Voight: Only Trump Can ‘Stop This Swamp,’ ‘Pray’ for His ‘Return to the Presidency’

Hollywood legend Jon Voight has issued a call to action for the American people, warning that President Donald Trump is the only person who can “stop this swamp.”

In a video message posted to social media on Sunday, Voight said Trump is the only president who “understood truths” and the only person capable of ending the “deceit and injustice” of the Washington D.C. establishment.

In the two-minute clip titled “Wake up America,” Voight said he believes Trump has the “best interests” of the American people in mind.

He continues by urging viewers to “pray” for Trump to “return to the presidency” if they want to keep the American dream alive.

The Academy Award-winning actor begins his message by declaring that it is his “great honor” to say “God bless America.”


He calls for a “healing” for the country from “all the unrighteousness that is taking place” following last week’s midterm elections which saw a much smaller victory for Republicans than the “red wave” that had been predicted.

Warning Americans that the country is “in danger of a Third World War,” Voight insisted the time had come to “look at this lie — this deceit — that continues day after day.”

“Can you not all see this lie?” he asked.

“We must all wake up because if we don’t see this lie, this land will die; die in its beauty, its freedom, [and] its opportunity.”

Though America is “supposed to be the land of the free,” he argues that “it’s far from this.”

“It’s a dark web, a dark world,” he stated.

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“But not for long because, my friends, a change is coming and a new light will emerge.”

“We must all see this truth and allow justice to take place now,” he added.

Voight argued that “the only way we can win these elections is to see the lies, deceit, and corruption from the left, the media, and the unknowns – we’ll know who they are.”

He then called for Americans to join together in order to “vote for true justice for all.”

Voight also suggested to “pray that the one president who understood truths and had the best interest of the American people, the American dream — President Donald Trump — will return to the presidency.”

“He and only he can stop this swamp, this deceit, and injustice,” he said.

He concluded with a “wake up” call for fellow Americans.

“Wake up from this bad dream and bring back life, justice, [and] truth in the only land that’s meant for dreams of goodness, the land of the free — America — the greatest land, the greatest soil for mankind; the land where heroes fought for their truths,” he said.

“And this, my friends, is where we must see the truth,” he added.

“Allow President Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to her glory.

“Much love to you.”

Voight has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal conservative voices.

Shortly after the 2020 presidential election, Voight warned the United States will be “in great danger” if Joe Biden becomes president.

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now,” he said.

“We must not allow our nation to crumble.

“This is what they want, to destroy America.

“Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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