Jonathan Turley Dooms Biden as Evidence of ‘Influence Peddling’ Emerges

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley doomed Joe Biden after the GOP uncovered shocking evidence against the Democrat president and his family.

As Slay News reported earlier, House Republicans unveiled explosive new evidence during a Wednesday press conference that exposes corrupt foreign dealings.

Documents appear to show a pay-for-play scheme involving multiple foreign entities while Joe Biden was vice president.

Banking records show millions of dollars flowing through multiple LLCs set up by Biden family members, seemingly to hide the payments.

Turley weighed in on the new evidence and warned that it appears to show the Bidens have been “using influence peddling to enrich themselves.”

“The inclusion of Biden grandchildren in the list of family Biden members has not been previously disclosed,” Turley explains.

“The spread of transfers to nine family members and the use of a complex array of LLC companies raise obvious concerns over an effort to conceal influence peddling.

“Once again, these layers of work for foreign interests raises the question of why FARA violations have reportedly not been the focus of the DOJ.

“The Committee could produce eight heads in a duffle bag owned by Hunter and the media would still demand a luggage tag referencing the President. The question is what it takes to generate serious media interest in Biden’s influence peddling.

“Putting aside possible crimes like FARA violations, there is the rather obvious concern over corruption.

“Influence peddling is corruption and the Bidens are in a league to themselves in using influence peddling to enrich themselves.

“Comer just listed the family recipients currently known as President’s son, President’s brother, his brother’s wife, Bo Biden’s widow, Hunter’s Biden ex-wife, Hunter Biden’s current wife, and Hunter Biden’s children.

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“Comer began with new disclosure of $1 million that went to the Biden family from Romania while Joe Biden was working on Romanian issues.

“Comer noted that this money ended when Biden left the vice presidency.

“Comer says that over 20 companies have been identified at limiting liability companies created during this period to transfer as much as $10 million from foreign sources.

“Rep. Nancy Mace (R, SC) is detailing the findings of shell companies being used to send money to up to nine Biden family members not just from China but Romania.

“The Romanian details are new.

“She is also noting that there is a pattern of 30 percent being repeatedly carved out for the Biden family.

“Mace taunted DOJ and said it needs to ‘get off its a**’ since they have now done the work for them.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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