Jonathan Turley Slams Biden over False Arrest Claim

Democrat law professor Jonathan Turley has slammed President Joe Biden after it emerged that he told another false story about his past.

Earlier this week, during his visit to Georgia to push the Democrats’ voting bill, Biden claimed he was “arrested” in the state once.

However, the claim was later debunked by the Washington Post.

“The struggle to protect voting rights has never been borne by one group alone,” Biden said.

“We saw Freedom fighters of every race, leaders of every faith, marching arm in arm — and yes, Democrats and Republicans in Congress of the United States and in the presidency.

“I did not live the struggles of Douglass, Tubman, King, Lewis, Goodman, Chaney, Schwerner, countless others known and unknown.

“I did not walk in the shoes of generation of students who walked these grounds.

“But I walked other grounds, because i’m so damn old I was there as well.

“They think I’m kidding, man.

“It seems like yesterday, the first time I got arrested — anyway.

“But their struggles, here, they’re the ones that opened my eyes as a high school student in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

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“They got me more engaged in the work of my life.”

Turley immediately called out Joe Biden saying:

“Not sure what that is a reference to.

“Previously, Biden falsely claimed that he was arrested while trying to see Nelson Mandela.

“Politifact gave Biden a ‘Pants on Fire’ rating for his last claim of being arrested.

“Biden then walked it back but seems to have had that or another arrest in mind today while speaking at Morehouse College.”

“And today the Washington Post gave Joe Biden ‘four Pinocchios for the false claim he was ‘arrested’ during civil rights protest.”

Glenn Kessler, The Post’s fact-checker, said:

“The primary source for this story is Biden — and we’ve learned over the years that he is not always a reliable source.

“He appears to be citing his mother to enhance his civil rights credentials — which we have noted he has exaggerated before — but too many elements do not add up to give this ‘arrest’ more credibility than his previous claims of getting in trouble with the law.”

“The president earns Four Pinocchios,” he added.

From Fox News:

According to Kessler, Biden appeared to be referencing a story he told on a number of occasions about a conversation he had with his mother in 2008 when deciding whether he should accept former President Obama’s offer to become his running mate.

In the story, Biden’s mother reminded him of when he was a teenager and went to support a Black family who purchased a home in a town not far from where the Biden’s lived amid a protest against the family moving in. 

Kessler noted that Biden told the story with several variations over time, with some referencing him getting “arrested” by the police, and others saying they brought him home to his parents to keep him from getting in trouble. Other variations included his age, as well as the protest location. 

Kessler added that Biden also never made any mention of the arrest in his memoirs, even when discussing the same conversation with his mother.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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