Joy Behar & Whoopi Goldberg Get Bad News as ‘The View’ Scores New Low in Ratings

“The View” is back on the air and immediately got some bad news from the controversial ABC show’s liberal audience.

The show just launched Season 27.

However, it scored a new low in the ratings for a season premiere for the talk show.

In 2023, “The View” delivered 2,104,000 viewers.

In 2022, the premier had 2,211,000 viewers.

In 2021, the show had 2,403,000 viewers.

In 2020, they had a staggering 2,706,000.

It is all downhill for Goldberg, Behar, and the gang.

A show this week showed why the show’s ratings are in decline.

The season got off to a bad start with even more controversy.

Behar went on a misguided rant where she had to apologize to Republicans halfway through after realizing she had gone too far.


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JOY BEHAR: This business about the aging that keeps coming up and talking about the young generation, the young generation of Republicans are dumb. You’ve got that Vivek Ramasmarmy. You’ve got Marjorie Taylor Greene. You’ve got – wait a second – Lauren Bubblehead, Matt Gaetz.

You know – What about – I ask you this question: What about the fact that we have seen in the last election that they will steal votes, that they say something about the Dominion machines, that they don’t count the votes, and the gerrymandering. Yes, they will vote, as you say, these good Republicans but their vote may not be counted because of all the shenanigans going on that side.

SUNNY HOSTIN: Although, most of those shenanigans are in the African American community because they don’t want them to vote Democrat. That’s where most of the shenanigans happen.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: But we get wrapped up because we have a 24-hour news cycle and it comes from everywhere! It comes out of the ground. It comes out of the leaves. It’s always on.

HOSTIN: You said that when you went away and you unplugged and this is the first time I’ve gone away and unplugged and my husband said it was the happiest he’s ever seen me.

ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: It’s so good for you.

GOLDBERG: There is nothing better.

BEHAR: I think it’s this job actually. Because we have to constantly be on top of the news.

FARAH GRIFFIN: We have to monitor the news.

BEHAR: And then come out here and make mistakes. Like I said all young Republicans are stupid. I don’t mean all young Republicans. I mean –

SARA HAINES: House Republicans!

JOY BEHAR: – Marjorie Taylor Greene, most people who are in charge of the party right now who are holding Kevin McCarty by the short hairs.

GOLDBERG: And the other beautiful – The other thing about this job is, these are our opinions. You don’t have to agree with them. But we are allowed to have them. And that’s the beauty.

HOSTIN: And maybe if people would stop attacking us for our opinions, that would be nice too.

HAINES: Can I say one thing about what you were saying, one of the best things I ever learned was with all these headlines and everything we watch, we’re so powerless. The instant —

GOLDBERG: We feel powerless.

HAINES: We feel powerless. To bring your power back and to give you hope always when you can’t help yourself help someone else because the second you do that, you effectuate change that reminds you that it was always within us.

HOSTIN: You should have been a therapist.

HAINES: I was wanting to be a minister.

FARAH GRIFFIN: That would be interest.

HAINES: A minister or a teacher.

BEHAR: That sounds like a little more minister.

HAINES: It feels a little more ministry.

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