JPMorgan Banker Accused of ‘Aggressive Force in Sexual Assault’ of Jeffrey Epstein Victim

A top banker has been accused of “aggressive” sex crimes against a victim of Jeffrey Epstein in a lawsuit against America’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Victims of the deceased pedophile are suing JPMorgan for allegedly aiding Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

According to court documents, one of the Epstein victims suing JPMorgan has accused the bank’s former head of private banking, Jes Staley, of using “aggressive force in his sexual assault of her.

The allegation was revealed in a Thursday court filing by “Jane Doe.”

Doe is asking a Manhattan federal judge to separate JPMorgan’s March lawsuit against Staley from her case, and a similar case brought by the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Both suits allege JPMorgan knowingly benefited from Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation, according to Bloomberg.

Doe’s legal team is accusing JPMorgan of exploiting the sexual assault claim against Staley in order to force her to provide “intrusive discovery” in the course of litigation.

The victim’s lawyers believe that the bank is pushing for Doe to be subject to a deposition by Staley himself.

“The effect of adding him to the suit is to force her to share private medical records and her most intimate communications with one of her abusers,” Doe’s lawyer, Brad Edwards, wrote in the court filings.

“It also sends a message to other victims that (JPMorgan) will exploit all vulnerabilities of each victim who dares come forward to hold the bank accountable.”

Doe wants the suits to be separated so that JPMorgan can’t force “her sexual abuser” back into her life, according to the report.

The bank opposes separating the cases.

“Jane Doe herself has directly accused him of horrific sexual misconduct and, if true, he must be held accountable,” a bank spokesman said, referring to Staley.

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“He’s inextricably linked to these cases – it makes no sense to separate him.”

Staley also asked US District Judge Jed Rakoff to separate his suit, but for different reasons – calling his relationship with Epstein “baseless but serious.” He says he needs more time to prepare his defense.

Staley’s lawyer, Brendan Sullivan, says he needs to go through tens of thousands of pages of discovery.

“Disproving these false and highly-publicized allegations is of paramount importance to him,” wrote Sullivan.

“The allegations against him are slanderous, and the potential damages are astronomical.”

“Mr. Staley is accused of aiding and abetting Jeffrey Epstein, one of the most notorious criminals in recent American history.”

JPMorgan sued Staley via a third-party complaint, which would see its claims heard at the same time as those of Doe and the USVI, Bloomberg reports.

The bank accused Staley of concealing his inappropriate relationship with the sex offender and said he should be responsible for any damages it may incur from the suits.

It is also attempting to claw back tens of millions paid in compensation.

Bloomberg News reported earlier on Thursday that JPMorgan had sent a subpoena to the hedge fund where Staley worked between leaving the US bank in 2013 and becoming chief executive officer of Barclays Plc two years later.

As Slay News previously reported, a July 2010 email exchange between Staley and Epstein entered into evidence by the US Virgin Islands.

In the conversations, the two men discussed “Disney princesses,” an apparent reference to their underage victims.

“That was fun,” Staley allegedly wrote to Epstein.

“Say hi to Snow White.”

To which Epstein replied: “[W]hat character would you like next?”

“Beauty and the Beast.”

Epstein also emailed Staley photos of young women in seductive poses, the filing continues.

According to US Virgin Islands Attorney General Acting Attorney General Carol Thomas-Jacobs, the exchange was referring to young women and girls procured by Epstein.

The evidence suggests that Staley frequently visited Epstein’s private island in the Virgin Islands, Little St. James.

The island was known by locals and authorities as “Pedophile Island” and is cited as a key location for abuse by several victims.

Staley, according to the filing, “visited Epstein’s properties in the Virgin Islands and elsewhere.”

The banker “exchanged hundreds of messages with Epstein from his JPMorgan email account in full view of JPMorgan, including some with photos of young women, discussed Epstein’s provision of services to him during his travel on dates that closely corresponded with Epstein’s payments to the same young woman from his JPMorgan accounts, and discussed young women or girls procured by Epstein using the names of Disney princesses.”

Epstein and Staley exchanged more than 1,200 emails over several years.

However, up until now, their contents had never been disclosed.

Staley, who left JPMorgan to become CEO of Barclays two years later, stepped down from the latter in 2021 following a UK Financial Conduct Authority probe into his relationship with the pedophile financier.

In another email from Staley to Epstein in November 2009, while the latter was under house arrest in Palm Beach, Florida following his release on charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution, Staley, while apparently staying on Epstein’s island, wrote: “Presently, I’m in the hot tub with a glass of white wine.”

“This is an amazing place,” he added.

“Next time, we’re here together.

“I owe you much. And I deeply appreciate our friendship.

“I have few so profound.”

The next month, Staley wrote: “I realize the danger in sending this email.”

“But it was great to be able, today, to give you, in New York City, a long, heartfelt, hug.”

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