JPMorgan Chase Rolls Back Policy of ‘Debanking’ Conservatives

JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank, has just rolled back its policy that led to the “debanking” of conservative and Christian customers.

In recent years, major corporations have blatantly discriminated against Americans with certain viewpoints, most of those being conservatives and Christians.

According to Fox News, JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., recently “rolled back” its “social risk issues” policy, which resulted in the “debunking” of several Christian nonprofits and conservative individuals.

Its WePay service required merchants to refuse to accept payments from those flagged with the “social risk issues” category.

The bank described the category as anything “subject to allegations and impacts related to hate groups, systemic racism, sexual harassment, and corporate culture.”

The Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) announced that the language had been removed from the bank’s website this month.

ADF senior counsel Jeremy Tedesco explained to Fox News Digital what the major bank was doing and why it was obviously harmful to certain Americans and their livelihoods.

“Chase has used this policy to discriminate on the basis of viewpoint,” Tedesco said in the interview.

“The policy itself is a risk to every single person who uses WePay and Chase, the biggest bank in America.”

“There are millions of people where it’s a threat to them being denied or losing payment processing,” Tedesco continued.

“So, it is significant that they eliminated that policy.

“The next step we think for Chase is because they’ve been saying, ‘we’re firmly committed to not discriminating against people on their religious or political views,’ in different documents.

“That statement, we want them to put in their forward-facing customer policies.

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“That’s the next step.”

In many cases, Chase had shut down the accounts of the targeted Christian and conservative individuals and nonprofits.

Those targeted included the bank account of the National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF), a political nonprofit.

The NCRF’s account was shut down without explanation.

Tedesco applauded Chase for rolling back the ridiculous and discriminatory policy.

“Americans shouldn’t have to fear that they can lose access to their bank accounts or payment processing because of their religious and political beliefs,” Tedesco said.

“And we think it’s significant that Chase took this step.”

Conservative individuals and groups have been targeted for years by all sectors, especially by Big Tech.

Hopefully, more corporations will begin to follow Chase’s lead steadily.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

Nick has a broad background in journalism, business, and technology. He covers news on cryptocurrency, traditional assets, and economic markets.

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