Kayleigh McEnany Issues Warning about Biden: ‘I’m Genuinely Scared for the Future of Our Country’

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has issued a warning to the republic following President Joe Biden’s disastrous press conference earlier this week.

McEnany held nothing back on Fox News’s Outnumbered show after she attended the presser, saying “delusional” Biden has left her “scared for the future.”

“I left that press conference genuinely scared for the future of our country,” McEnany said.

“This is someone who is deeply delusional, someone who clearly does not know how to lead.

“This is only one year, we’ve only had one year of President Biden, and look at the crises and fires across the country that he entirely ignores.

“We have three more years left of this guy.

“I thought that was the most delusional press conference I’ve ever seen.

“He said he over-performed, but the American people gave him a 33% rating in Quinnipiac.

“He begins by touting the economy for which the American people give him an approval rating of anywhere between 36-40%.

“He said he did not make a mistake in Afghanistan, but the American people say, nope, 31% approval President Biden.

“It was delusional it was also the first time that we had seen the president of the United States or really Biden ever, in a two-hour solo format, the debates don’t count, you had Trump there and you had a moderator.”

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McEnany wasn’t the only one horrified by Biden’s performance.

The international media was dumbstruck.

From The Daily Mail:

President Joe Biden has made international headlines for his car crash press conference where he seemingly gave Russian strongman Vladimir Putin the ‘green light’ to invade Ukraine.  

Biden was blasted on all fronts after telling reporters during a rambling – and rare – press conference that a ‘minor incursion’ into Ukraine by Moscow might elicit a lesser response than a full-scale one.   

Hubert Wetzel, a Washington correspondent for Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper wrote, ‘At the end of this press conference, you no longer know exactly who is actually the one who gets on Joe Biden’s nerves more.’

The Times’ Gerard Baker wrote a more broad critique of Biden’s first year in office coming off the two-hour debacle Wednesday entitled, ‘Failing Biden blames everyone but himself.’ 

‘There are bad years, there are very bad years and then there is Joe Biden’s inaugural year as president,’ he wrote.  

Baker put blame on the president and his progressive allies for using the COVID-19 pandemic to create a ‘new American social compact.’ 

‘Meanwhile, Americans just wanted someone focused on returning their disrupted lives to normal, stopping their shopping bill from rising every week and trying to heal – as Biden had promised – the nation’s wounds,’ he wrote. 

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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