Kayleigh McEnany’s Not Buying Biden’s Loud Denial: ‘Thou Doth Protest Too Much’

Fox News hosts Kayleigh McEnany and Raymond Arroyo are not buying Democrat President Joe Biden’s denials regarding his son Hunter’s business.

Biden went viral for screaming “no” when asked if he was in the room when Hunter shook down a Chinese businessman, despite photo evidence that Hunter was at his father’s house the same day.


McEnany suggests that Biden’s loud denial indicates that he’s lying about his role in Hunter’s shady foreign deals.

“Well, that was a really loud ‘no’ from President Biden there,” McEnany said.

“Thou doth protest too much.

“We do have the photo of Hunter behind the wheel of the Corvette, the GPS coordinates from that photo.

“But moving on past the president’s ‘no,’ there was a WhatsApp message that Republicans dropped yesterday on House Oversight.

“And here it was to someone named Gongwen Dong, CEF China associate, Raymond,” she noted.

“And here’s what the message from Hunter said: ‘I’m tired of this, Kevin.’

“That’s his code name for Dong.”

McEnany then commented on Hunter Biden’s comments:

Hunter said, “I can make 5 million in salary from any law firm in America.

“If you think it’s about money, it’s not.

“The Bidens,” plural, “are the best at doing exactly what the chairman wants from this partnership.

“Please, let’s not quibble over peanuts.”

“The chairman is a guy named Yi,” McEnany explained.

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“He is an oil tycoon in China who was tied to an intel-gathering operation for the Chinese Communist Party.”

Arroyo responded, saying: “And one of his associates went to jail for on seven bribery charges.

“But what you’re seeing in live time here is really Bidenomics inaction, which is trading on their personal prestige and political influence to help foreign governments and foreign regimes.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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