Kellyanne Conway Warns Republicans ‘Who Want to Move On from Trump’: ‘I Dare You, Go First’

Kellyanne Conway issued a warning to Republicans who are calling for the party to move on from President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, Conway responded to a social media post from the Daily Wire’s founder Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro cautioned the GOP against keeping Trump at the center of the national conversation.

In a lengthy post on Twitter, Shapiro said: “The Republicans are losing steam in the 2022 election.

“There are some reasons for this, the Democratic upswing in the wake of Dobbs being the most obvious factor.

“But there’s something else going on here that represents a deeper problem for the Republican Party.

“The GOP is miscalibrating the very nature of the American political scene right now, based on a myth.

“In fact, the entirety of American politics is based on dueling versions of the same false mythology: the Mythology of the Emerging Democratic Minority Majority (MEDMM).

“Democrats have banked on this myth since 2012, believing that it excuses their cultural and economic excesses; this is untrue, and has led them into an electoral box canyon as many minorities turn away from their woke progressive overreach.

“Meanwhile, Republicans have ALSO banked on MEDMM to the extent that they believe only a Magical Person™ like Donald Trump can defeat it.

“This means that when Trump is attacked, Republicans immediately return to making him the centerpiece of the conversation – and this harms them electorally, as every poll is now showing.

“The more Republicans talk about Trump, the worse they do electorally.

“Americans vote against things, not for them.

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“If Republicans want Americans to vote against Biden, they have to campaign against him, not against the FBI or the deep state or on whether Trump had the right to have boxes of classified documents in his closet.

“There is a reason Democrats are eager to keep Trump at the center of the conversation: half of independents say Trump is a major factor in their vote, and they’re breaking 4-1 for the Democrats.

“Republicans shouldn’t play that game.

“If they do, they’re cruising for a bruising.”

Enter Kellyanne Conway who said:

“Those who want to move on from Trump, you go first.

“People are so obsessed with him, they don’t spend a minute learning what the 74 million Trump-Pence voters want in these midterm elections.

“That’s what I study every single day, but they’re so obsessed with Donald Trump.

“Anybody who wants the party to move on from Trump: I dare you, go first,” she warned.

“Any time the Democrats tell you which Republicans should be your nominee, run in the other direction because they know that they’re fixing to make that person unpalatable.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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