Klaus Schwab’s WEF: Raising Fossil Fuel Prices Helps Save Democracy

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for fossil fuel prices to be raised further by arguing that it would help to save democracy.

According to Schwab’s globalist organization, fossil fuels are underpriced.

Despite the crippling impact high gas prices are having on everyday families around the world, the WEF is calling on global nations to “end the underpricing of fossil fuels.”

The elite group claims that the so-called “underpricing” is contributing to “climate change” because it is “preventing a clean energy transition.”

“Leading democracies should agree to end the underpricing of fossil fuels which is the principal factor preventing a clean energy transition,” WEF said in a Monday statement.

The WEF is headed by its founder Schwab, who has made no secret that he and other elites want to run the world.

According to the WEF, the planet’s problem is that you are not paying enough for energy.

The absurd underpricing theory is contained in a new WEF paper written by Colorado State University Economics Professor Edward B. Barbier entitled “The Colour of Democracy is Green: Why a Clean Energy Transition is Also Vital to Safeguarding Liberty.”

The main idea of the paper is this: “Two global crises have come to a head – climate change and the decline of democracy.”

“Transitioning to green energy is key to both tackling climate change and creating sustainable economies,” Barbier insists.

We’re already seeing that transition in progress — the Biden administration and Joe Biden himself have told us those high gas prices are deliberate incentives to get us into electric cars.

“Collective action on a green transition is thereby not only good for the climate but also vital for protecting democracy,” Barbier says.

Barbier provides a regression analysis which, unsurprisingly, shows the countries with the most freedom are the ones with the highest positive environmental scores.

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According to Barbier, Canada is the world’s most free country.

Canada is in fifth place, environmentally, behind the U.S., which is in fourth place environmentally and ninth in terms of freedom.

The U.S. is ranked so poorly because President Donald Trump and his “illiberal forces” are robbing America of its freedom, according to Barbier.

Barbier, in describing the demise of democracy, provided a link that spoke of democracies “… being harmed from within by illiberal forces, including unscrupulous politicians willing to corrupt and shatter the very institutions that brought them to power.

“This was arguably most visible last year in the United States, where rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6 as part of an organized attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election.”

Ultimately, Barbier and the WEF say “underpricing” fossil fuels leads to economic instability because of the 2020 spending of $5.9 trillion to subsidize the gas, oil, and coal industries.

But another paper to which Barbier links that touts that $5.9 trillion says only 8 percent of that subsidy is for actual energy production.

The rest, 92 percent, is for what are termed “social,” and “environmental” costs and uncollected consumption taxes.

Barbier also says taxes on fossil fuel usage need to be increased and new monies from taxes or reducing fossil fuel subsidies should go right back into fighting climate change.

So, if Barbier, Schwab, Biden, and the rest have their way, there’ll be higher energy costs for us and that will affect everything — transportation, food, housing.

In other words — save the planet, starve the people.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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