Lauren Boebert: ‘Why Does MSNBC Allow Joy Reid to Spout Baseless Conspiracy Theories on Airwaves?’

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has called out MSNBC for allowing host Joy Reid to spread noxious and unproven conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Speaking with MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, Reid said:

“You know, while all of this is happening, we know that in 2021, there was a rash of deaths of American spies.

“They were being caught.

“They were being killed.

“Because this is a very real and exigent circumstance.

“And the CIA has admitted to that now.

“And we are not saying that we know that there is some connection between the purloined documents and that, and those events.

“But they did happen at a time when Trump did have custody of some really sensitive information that he shouldn’t have had.

“You know, you think about that.

“You think about Victor Vekselberg, who’s being investigated for something else, for fraud.”

As Slay News reported, the homes of Russian oligarch Vekselberg, a prominent donor to the Clinton Foundation, were raided by federal agents last week.

“But he’s a, you know, Russian oligarch, sort of Trump crony world,” Reid falsely claimed.

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“His house recently got raided. His yacht got seized.

“You being investigated for something totally different.

“But Trump knows the kinds of people who one might want to investigate, who might want to do bad things to the United States and might not be on our side.

“And I wonder how frustrated you think law enforcement must be knowing that they can’t look into any of that.”

Kirschner said:

“You know, both our intelligence community and our law enforcement community must be beside themselves right now because Donald Trump absolutely has information and evidence about how those documents that he stole and unlawfully concealed at Mar-a-Lago might have compromised national security.

“The reason I state that definitively is because he knows who he showed them to, who he let copy them, who he let take a snapshot of them, who he might have given, or worse, sold the information that was in those 43 empty classified documents folders.

“He has this information in his head, at least some of it.

“And from outward appearances, Joy, our federal government has done nothing to extract it from him,” he said.

Enter Lauren Boebert, who fired back with one of her famous one-liners:

“Why does MSNBC continue to allow Joy Reid to spout baseless conspiracy theories on their airwaves?”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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