Lauren Boebert Expands Lead in Tight Race with 99% of Votes Counted

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has expanded her lead in her unexpectedly tight race for re-election with 99% of the votes counted.

Boebert is now leading by 1122 votes after closely trailing her challenger before taking the lead on Thursday night.

Her Democrat opponent Adam Frisch is telling his followers he still has a chance, despite it now becoming increasingly unlikely.

Frisch said: “Every vote matters in this incredibly close race and thousands of votes in Pueblo County and from military & overseas voters remain, and a considerable number of curable ballots remain as well. Help us gather the resources to see this through!”

As Slay News reported earlier, Boebert issued a quick statement on her epic comeback, saying: “Winning!”

While still too close to call, most experts say Boebert’s lead will be hard to beat with what remains to count.

Before Boebert managed to edge out in front, sleazy corporate media hacks were quick to celebrate, what they thought, was Boebert’s defeat.

MSNBC’s Kurt Bardella, a DNC adviser, tried to mock Boebert by claiming that she would be forced to become a sex worker if she loses her race.

Bardella was met with a swift backlash from all sides over the comment, however.

Even radical leftist Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s shortlived minister of truth, defended Boebert:

“I despise Lauren Boebert—she slandered me on the House floor, fundraised off it, and encouraged threats against me.

“But the sexualized, misogynistic attacks on her are out of line.

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“There is plenty to criticize about her record without these disgusting ‘jokes.’

“Do better, Dems,” she added.

“Folks, as someone who has both extensively researched and been subject to online abuse, some of the replies to this tweet are really disappointing and sad.

“Materially, there is no difference between the sexist jokes about Boebert are no different than gendered disinfo.

“We tracked against Kamala Harris and others during the 2020 election in our #MalignCreativity study.”

As Slay News reported, Bardella was forced to issue a public apology to Boebert over the shameful remarks:

“I appreciate your feedback and when someone from your vantage point weighs in – that warrants consideration and reflection.

“I’ll be more thoughtful about my words in the future.

“It is NEVER my intention to shame women. I apologize. Period.

“There is nothing wrong with consensual interactions on platforms like OnlyFans.

“Anyone suggesting otherwise in an effort to shame or judge really needs to examine their own perception of women and their autonomy.

“That said, I have zero appetite for the faux-outrage coming from the MAGA-ites because we all know they don’t give a rip about sexism, misogyny or equality.

“They are hypocrites of the first order.

“Just look at their standard-bearer.”

It was Boebert who had the last laugh, however, when she fired back at Bardella, saying:

“Liberals even suck at feminism.

“Can y’all do anything right?”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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