Lawsuit Filed to Expose Identities of Jeffrey Epstein’s Clients

A lawsuit has been filed that seeks to expose the identities of deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s powerful clients.

So far, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has refused to reveal the names from the notorious client list to the public.

The list of clients became a much-discussed item during the recent trial of Epstein’s longtime accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell was convicted on multiple sex trafficking charges in December and sentenced to 20 years in prison last month.

In May, as Maxwell’s sentencing was making headlines, Elon Musk called for the list to be made public.

The Tesla CEO was questioning why the DOJ is keeping it hidden.

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya also suggested that the list, with prominent names upon it, appeared to have vanished.

Although Maxwell’s criminal trial is over, she still faces a civil suit from Virginia Giuffre, who has said that when she was an underage girl known as Virginia Roberts, she was used by Epstein and Maxwell as part of their sex-trafficking operation.

Giuffre said she was raped by Epstein’s powerful friends when she was underage, specifically naming Britain’s Prince Andrew.

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit announced that it is seeking to intervene in that civil case to have the list of names made public, if a list of names exists among the documents in the trial.

The Gateway Pundit’s editor and founder, Jim Hoft scoffed, “ Where are you, New York Times?  Where are you, CNN?  Where are you, Fox News?”

“It’s almost like corporate media is protecting the disgusting sexual abusers, simply because the victims alleged Epstein’s clients consisted of powerful businessmen, politicians, former presidents, and prime ministers, and other world leaders,” he wrote.

The motion to have the names made public said that “the most crucial information that the public is demanding to know remains hidden.”

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The motion notes all of the legal proceedings against Epstein, whose 2019 death was ruled a suicide, and Maxwell.

“Yet, despite all of these charges and allegations, the government has not revealed to whom, other than Epstein himself, these women (minors at the time) were trafficked,” the motion said.

“The world is clamoring for information as to who these world-renowned abusers are (hereinafter the “Epstein Client List”),” the motion said.

The motion noted that the list may be in different forms.

“Perhaps Epstein and Maxwell were well-organized and kept a client list; perhaps one has been compiled by the Department of Justice or another third-party; or perhaps it may be susceptible to compilation from an inspection of extant records,” the motion said.

“Movant-Intervenor TGP Communications, LLC, d/b/a The Gateway Pundit wishes to report on the Epstein Client List,” the motion said.

“Although this Court has been engaged in a process to unseal records that never should have been denied public access in the first place, the records of these proceedings are replete with pseudonymous parties and some documents (or portions thereof) remain under seal.”

The motion said any document that names the names of clients should be made public.

“To the extent any document or portion thereof is sealed and it names an alleged client of Jeffrey Epstein, i.e. a person to whom a minor was allegedly sexually trafficked, that document or portion should be immediately unsealed,” the motion said.

“The public has a right to know.”

The motion said the case is not one where secrecy must triumph.

“To the extent the identities of the Epstein clients appear in judicial documents, there must be compelling reasons to seal them,” the motion said.

“The compelling reason and facts must show more than mere conjecture, and more than embarrassment, incrimination, or wider exposure of the facts to the public.”

“Ultimately, mere privacy concerns are insufficient to warrant sealing of records.

“This is not a case involving merely spurious and defamatory allegations—Maxwell and Epstein are convicted criminals for their participation in the sex trafficking at issue,” the motion noted.

The motion said that in the normal course of events, the information would have been public by now.

“Had Epstein not suddenly died upon the release of this Court’s summary judgment records, while jailed on a federal indictment for sex trafficking, this information likely would have been revealed at his trial, based on the number of victims that testified following his death,” the motion added.

“If the Epstein Client List is in the Court’s file, it must be unsealed.”

The motion was filed by Gateway Pundit lawyers Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman, as well as General Counsel John Burns.

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