Lawyer for ‘Meatball’ Looter Claims Criticism of Philadelphia Rioter Is ‘Racist’

The lawyer representing the looter known as “Meatball” has claimed that critics of the live-streaming Philadelphia rioter are “racist.”

21-year-old Dayjia Blackwell, known on social media as “Meatball,” filmed herself taking part in looting as violent mobs of rioters ransacked stores in the city last week, as Slay News reported.

Blackwell broadcasted the crimes to her 181,000 followers on Instagram.

Shortly after, police arrested her for encouraging the incident.

However, Blackwell’s attorney, Jessica Mann, claims she is being “mercilessly vilified,” despite the fact that she streamed evidence of her crimes on social media.

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified,” Mann wrote on Friday.

She continued by accusing police of posting Blackwell’s mugshot “with tears streaming down her face and her hair a mess to satisfy your need to get ‘clicks’ and to sell a salacious story.”

“The rightful story should be one of Dayjia doing nothing more than capturing the raw reality of public outrage when she streamed the events that occurred on the night of September 26, 2023, in Philadelphia,” Mann wrote.

“Yet, the media seems to have forgotten the underlying catalyst for her actions.

“It was the dismissal of all charges against Police Officer Mark Dial, who callously murdered Eddie Irizarry.

“Then, the Philadelphia Police Department, with lies and deceit, attempted to cover up the heinous act.”

Throughout her stream, Blackwell is heard cheering on the crowd as they ransack stores.

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She laughs throughout and repeatedly yells “everybody must eat” as criminals destroy property and steal goods from the stores.


Blackwell’s livestream ended with her apparent arrest in the back of a Philadelphia police car.

According to FOX 29 Philadelphia, she was charged with six felonies and arraigned early Thursday morning.

Her bail was set at $25,000.

Six businesses in a single retail corridor of North Philadelphia were looted, including three pharmacies, a hair salon, a tax preparation company, and a cellphone store, according to the North 22nd Street Business Corridor, a business group.

Photos of the destructive wake show a sporting goods store at a mall with mannequins and sneakers scattered about; an Apple Store and a T-Mobile store with phones and accessories toppled over; and several businesses with shattered glass windows and smashed metal door gates.

Authorities made more than 50 arrests, including one burglary suspect who was out on bail for a major murder case from last year.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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