Liberal Journalists Outnumber Conservatives by 11 to 1, Study Shows

America has more than ten times as many liberal journalists than conservative reporters, a new study has revealed.

The number of journalists who identify as Democrats outnumber Republicans by a staggering ratio of 11 to 1.

The ideological imbalance in America’s news media was exposed in a new  study by Syracuse University’s journalism school.

The researchers examined data on the party affiliation of journalists from 1971 to 2022.

They found that just 3.4% of American journalists identify as Republicans in 2022.

The number has fallen considerably since the data shown for 1971, which shows a more even split between Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

The study highlights the overwhelming impact of the Democratic Party-aligned liberal corporate media that dominated the United States.

As regular Slay News readers will be aware, conservative reporters, such as your humble narrator, are frequently attacked and smeared by the corporate media, Big Tech, and their so-called “fact checkers.”

On Tuesday, for example, Slay News was approached by a “fact-checking” company called NewsGuard.

NewsGuard’s Democrat-aligned operative, a failed journalist called Becca Schimmel, demanded that Slay issue a series of “corrections” to our reporting.

These so-called “corrections” included making alternations to our reporting to describe Jan. 6 as an “attack on democracy” and tell our readers that Covid mRNA shots are “safe and effective.”

If we fail to comply, Schimmel threatened to publish a report that warns advertisers we are an “untrusted” outlet.

Our message to propagandist Schimmel and her corrupt ilk is simple: Pound sand.

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Slay News has been and always will be an America-first real news outlet that will never kowtow to the liberal elite.

Thankfully, Slay is supported by patriotic readers and will never kneel before the globalist establishment.

Unfortunately, not all media outlets are the same and many are forced to bend to the Democrat agenda of leftist advertising giant Google.

This pressure has created a massive imbalance that heavily favors left-wing biased reporting.

According to the new Syracuse University study, the issue is getting worse as the latest data shows an all-time low for conservative journalists.

Ten years ago, a whopping 7% of all journalists identified as Republicans.

In the 1970s, about a quarter of journalists identified as Republican.

By 2022, Democrats were just over 36% of journalists while Republicans were just 3.4% – a ratio of nearly 11 to 1.

It is not a terrible thing that most journalists consider themselves “independents,” although that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unbiased.

But the number of Democrats still far outstrips the minuscule number of conservatives in any “mainstream” corporate newsroom.

Today, there would be little chance of finding a conservative in a typical newsroom.

As the late singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, once said: “He who controls the media, controls the mind.”

The Nazis knew this all too well and the modern American political Left is carrying that torch today.

By seizing control of the corporate media, as well as Big Tech and weaponized “fact checkers,” the Democrats control the information flow and the public narrative.

At this point, the corporate media is too far gone to turn this train around.

For conservatives, the only answer is independent media.

However, while the corporate media may be lost, the tide may be turning as Americans seek truth from more trusted sources.

Over the past year, liberal media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, NBC News, ABC News, NPR, Vice, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among others, have shed hundreds of journalists.

By contrast, the remaining conservative outlets are still serving half of the country derided by the others.

Conservatives may never again populate the mainstream press.

However, as readers seek information from the non-mainstream conservative media instead, perhaps it won’t matter if the establishment sinks.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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