Liberal Media Warns Readers of Coming Civil War

America’s corporate establishment media is warning readers that the country should prepare for a coming civil war.

The liberal media has been salivating over a article written for the Washington Post by three retired US Army generals.

The military trio claims that there might be a civil war if President Donald Trump seeks the presidency again in 2024.

These generals express terror at the fact that much of the military remains largely conservative and thus might mutiny under the right conditions and refuse to follow the orders of Biden or whoever else they put in the Oval Office in 2024.

The concern of the three generals is that large swathes of the military might refuse to obey the Democrats and might instead obey the “Trumpian loser.”

While we’re talking about losers, we should address the fact that these are the people who have led the modern US military, a military which hasn’t won a serious conflict since World War Two.

It is a terrible sign for any weak regime when the generals begin to feel paranoid about their inability to control the troops who are trained to do the actual fighting.

The good example cited by these desk warriors is the traitorous Mark Milley, who collaborated with the Chinese government last January and informed subordinates that he would not be obeying orders from his lawful commander in chief.

The concerns expressed by the generals are really legitimate fears for the Biden regime; if push came to shove, who would the rank and file combat troops and officers in the US military choose to support?

Liberals see a genuine risk that in a repeat of January 6 American soldiers might refuse to fire on Trump supporters if ordered to do so. That, historically, is where  a revolution begins.

It is absolutely grotesque that these generals and their allies in the liberal media are scared that they might not be able to slaughter protesting civilians in the near future but it is wonderful that they’re afraid.

Realistically, another civil war is unlikely to happen in this country.

Not because there isn’t enough mutual hate between political factions, we certainly have hatred in abundance.

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Real fighting is unlikely because there isn’t much to back up that hatred.

What would liberals like these failed generals at the Washington Post do?

Throw HR handbooks at us and tell us to respect their chosen pronouns?

The political divide in this country is, to a large extent, defined by the fact that one side is made up of the sorts of people who are traumatized by holding a rifle, let alone being shot at by one.

Hysterical articles about a potential mutiny do serve the purpose of convincing liberals that a full-scale purge of the military is necessary to ensure that conservatives are held at a manageable level, a purge like the one currently being advocated by the federal government.

Unfortunately for the generals, ideological purges rarely do much to enhance the strength of an army.

The generals, like many liberals, are more afraid of their own people than they are of any foreign threat.

That’s never a good sign for a decaying regime.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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