Lindsey Graham Pushes Resolution to Declare Russia’s Use of Nuclear Weapons an Attack on NATO

Warmongering U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) have introduced a bipartisan resolution declaring Russia’s use of nuclear weapons to be an attack against NATO.

The resolution states that any use of nukes by Russia, or the destruction of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Powerplant in Ukraine, would be an attack on NATO.

Such a move would require the invocation of NATO Article 5.

Which means they want to go to war with Russia.

If we went to war with Russia it would end in a nuclear holocaust.

Graham and Blumenthal introduced the resolution today to respond to the Russian Federation delivering tactical nuclear weapons to the Republic of Belarus.

This is the first time Russia has deployed nuclear warheads beyond its borders since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The move represents a serious threat to global security in the midst of the war in Ukraine.

Graham and Blumenthal noted their resolution holds that any use of a tactical nuclear weapon by Russia, Belarus, or their proxies, or the destruction of a nuclear facility that disperses radioactive contaminants into NATO territory would be viewed as an attack on NATO itself, requiring an Article V response.

“Senator Blumenthal and I want to put everyone on notice that the threat of the use of a nuclear device by Russia is real,” said Graham.

“The best way to deter this threat is to give Putin’s Russia clarity as to what happens if they use nuclear weapons.

“Our message is to those around Putin.

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“If you do this and follow his order, should he give it, you can expect a massive response from NATO.

“You will be at war with NATO.”

“This resolution is meant to send a message to Vladimir Putin and to his military: they will be destroyed if they use tactical nuclear weapons or if they destroy a nuclear plant in a way that threatens surrounding NATO nations,” said Blumenthal.

“This message ought to be taken seriously by Putin’s generals – his military risks total obliteration by NATO forces if they are so reckless and irrational as to resort to tactical nuclear weapons.”

The resolution states:

Agrees that the deployment of the Russian Federation’s tactical nuclear weapons within the Republic of Belarus is a threat to Ukraine and NATO member states;

Views the use of any tactical nuclear weapon by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, or their proxies, or the destruction of a nuclear facility, dispersing radioactive contaminates into NATO territory causing significant harm to human life, as an attack on NATO requiring an immediate response, including the implementation of Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty; and

Urges the current administration to consult with NATO leaders and other European partners to develop a comprehensive response to minimize the threat to civilians and coordinate a diplomatic and military response commensurate with the situation.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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