Lindsey Graham: ‘Why Does Every Nutjob Liberal Group Want’ Biden’s SCOTUS Pick ‘More than Anybody Else’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has issued a warning about President Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nomination, questioning why “every nutjob liberal group” in America wants Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court “more than anybody else.”

Graham publicly supported one of the president’s finalists for the job which promised a smooth confirmation but Biden picked Jackson.

Since the snub, Graham has been less than cooperative.

However, the senator doesn’t have the votes to reject Biden’s choice.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Graham said: “The point I’m trying to make is Judge Jackson said basically, ‘I call it as I see it, I don’t make up the law. I apply the facts and the law. I’m not an activist.’

“Well, why does Demand Justice and every other nutjob liberal group want her more than anybody else?

“So this idea she’s a neutral observer of the law, not an activist, is not passing the smell test, because when she was a lawyer, not only did she represent four Gitmo defendants as a public defender, which I’m fine with.

“She actually participated in three amicus briefs by liberal organizations that accused the Bush administration of being war criminals.

“How could a lawyer accuse the president of the United States and the secretary of defense of being a war criminal and not remember it?

“Well, I think what I was asking Jackson questions about our faith, and I don’t believe for a minute that her faith will determine how she would rule on a case.

“I didn’t believe that about Amy Coney Barrett.

“Well, if she was uncomfortable with that — where was she and others when they were destroying Amy Coney Barrett, who is a faithful woman, who is a traditional Catholic whose faith means a lot to her?” he said.

From The Hill:

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Graham, who was one of the three GOP senators who supported Jackson last year for her influential appeals court seat, questioned her on Wednesday about her sentencing in child pornography cases — a key line of attack for Republicans on the committee.

“I think you’re doing it wrong. And every judge who is doing what you’re doing is making it easier for children to be exploited,” Graham told Jackson.

Graham and Jackson had a lengthy back-and-forth over the use of computers in child pornography cases and the number of photos downloaded and exchanged by perpetrators.

Graham appeared concerned that Jackson, as a district judge, wouldn’t apply an enhanced sentence if a computer was used.

“The reason she’s always below the recommendation, I think, is because she doesn’t use the enhancements available to her … and I think that’s a big mistake, judge,” Graham said.

Graham also tangled with Jackson over her handling of an immigration case accusing her of “judicial activism.”

At one point Graham stood up from his seat to read from a poster board printout he had next to him of the immigration law. 

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By David Hawkins

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