Man Convicted of Starting 14 Canadian Forest Fires Media Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

A Quebec man has just been found guilty of starting fourteen forest fires in Canada last year.

Brian Paré, 38, pleaded guilty to starting the fires which the corporate media and green agenda advocates blamed on “climate change.”

At a courthouse in central Quebec, Paré pleaded guilty to 13 counts of arson and one count of arson with disregard for human life, according to CBC.

When he was eventually apprehended, he told police he started the fires to check if the forest was dry or not.

The pyromaniac’s arsonist spree began in May and lasted through September.

Last year, Canada suffered its worst wildfire season on record.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires choked much of North America.

Dangerous smoke spread for months and cities like New York were often smothered in a yellow haze.

International fire crews helped Canada extinguish the flames.

Two of the fires ignited by Paré forced the evacuation of around 500 homes in Chapais, Que., a small community located around 265 miles northwest of Quebec City.

Residents of the town weren’t able to return home until June 3, prosecutor Marie-Philippe Charron told the court, according to CBC.

One of those fires, at Lake Cavan, burned more than 2,000 acres of forest and was the largest of the fires Paré admitted lighting.

It was the first in a series of five fires set by Paré between May 31 and June 1, about three days after the Quebec government banned open fires in or around forests due to dry weather conditions, the outlet reported.

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Charron said that five fires in such a short period raised suspicion.

The prosecutor said that officials determined that the fires had no possible natural cause and had been criminally set.

As the fires ripped through the forests, leftists and their media allies were quick to blame “global warming.”

However, the general director of Canada’s fire services in November said that 99.9% of the more than 700 wildfires last year were sparked by lightning strikes with dry conditions exacerbating the flames.

Nevertheless, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Democrat President Biden blamed the fires on climate change at the time.

Police were able to catch Paré after they installed a tracking device on his car.

He had raised suspicion back on June 2 when he turned up at a fire and “demonstrated a certain interest in fires” when police interviewed him, Charron said, according to CBC.

On Sept. 1 and Sept. 5, the tracking device showed he was at locations where other fires were started and when questioned on Sept. 7 he admitted to starting nine fires.

“At this point, the accused admitted he was the one who started the fires and, as his main motivation, claimed he was doing tests to find out whether the forest was really dry or not,” Charron said.

Paré is still detained and a pre-sentencing report has been ordered that will consider his mental state and the risk he poses to public safety.

More than 100 wildfires are still listed as burning in British Columbia thanks to a combination of a busy wildfire season, extreme drought, and generally warmer and drier conditions through December, according to the Vancouver Sun, citing local fire officials.

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