Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Criminal Investigation of Fulton County DA Fani Willis amid Misconduct Allegations

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has issued a fiery response after misconduct allegations emerged against Georgia’s anti-Trump Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

As Slay News reported, bombshell allegations of potentially criminal impropriety and misconduct were leveled against Willis by one of President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Democrat prosecutor’s election-related criminal racketeering conspiracy prosecution.

Greene is now calling for Willis to be the subject of a criminal investigation of her own that could result in her being on the other side of a prosecution, according to NBC News.

As for the allegations against Willis, if true, they could potentially result in the dismissal of some or all of the criminal charges, if not the entire case altogether.

Such charges could also result in legal sanctions up to, and including, disbarment.

On Monday, former Trump 2020 campaign staffer Michael Roman, who was criminally charged by DA Willis for his role in arranging alternative pro-Trump elector slates in disputed states after the election, filed a 127-page motion to dismiss.

That motion laid out serious allegations against Willis of potential impropriety and misconduct.

Willis is accused of failing to seek the required approval to hire as a “special prosecutor” an unqualified private attorney named Nathan Wade.

It is alleged that Willis had a years-long romantic affair while he was getting divorced from his wife.

During that period, Willis was paying Wade hundreds of thousands of dollars in billed legal fees with taxpayer money.

Willis is further alleged to have financially benefited from those payments to Wade in the form of his using some of those funds to finance several alleged romantic getaways, including to California and Florida as well as multiple vacations on cruise ships in the Caribbean.

Those luxury trips could constitute federal honest services fraud, which ironically is a predicate for federal racketeering charges.

Those conflicts of interest, along with allegations that Wade never properly submitted his oaths of office prior to beginning his work that is integral to Willis’ prosecution, call into question the entire case.

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The allegations prompted Roman to request that his charges be dismissed and for Willis, Wade, and the entire Fulton County DA’s office to be disqualified from the case.

In the wake of the damning allegations against DA Willis, Greene sent a criminal referral in the form of a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr about the “serious concerns about alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her staff.”

In addition to the “obviously illegal conflict of interest,” Greene also raised concerns about potentially illegal billing practices by Wade, including a “multitude of vague block billings for 8 hours” plus a particularly unbelievable “billing for 24 hours on a single day, with the vague description ‘[p]repared cases for pre-trial.'”

Greene further noted that “Willis may have received illegal kickbacks, including lavish domestic and international trips provided by Nathan Wade, from these misappropriated government funds.”

And, on top of that, the congresswoman highlighted what appears to be evidence of possible collusion and coordination between the DA’s office and President Joe Biden’s White House, and the Democrats’ now-defunct anti-Trump January 6 Committee.

At least twice, Wade billed the office for meetings with administration officials before charges were filed against President Trump and the other co-defendants.

In the letter that doubled as a criminal referral, Greene cited numerous Georgia laws that Willis may have violated.

Those charges include:

“Potential violation of public oath (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-1), bribery (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-2), improper influence of a government official (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-5), criminal conspiracy (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-4-8), conspiracy to defraud government (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-21), racketeering (Ga. Code Ann., §§ 16-14-1 through 12), false statements and concealment (Ga. Code Ann., § 16-10-20), Fulton County’s gift ban (Fulton County Code of Laws § 2-69(a)), and similar Georgia public-corruption crimes.”

Referencing the oath Willis took, the congresswoman wrote:

“If Fani Willis took kickbacks — in the form of lavish trips — from her unqualified boyfriend she appointed with government funds, she violated her oath and many Georgia criminal statutes.”

“Thus, I request you order the immediate and formal criminal investigation into the alleged criminal misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, along with her special Trump prosecutor and alleged boyfriend Nathan Wade, pursuant to your authority under Georgia statute,” Greene concluded in her letter to the governor and state attorney general.

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