Marjorie Taylor Greene Puts Joe Biden On Notice, Will Introduce Bill To Audit US Aid To Ukraine

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has put Democrat President Joe Biden on notice over the billions of dollars of taxpayer money that’s flowing into Ukraine.

Greene announced that she will introduce a bill to force an audit of the billions in aid the U.S. has sent to Ukraine.

“It’s going to force Congress to give the American people an audit,” the congresswoman said.

“And that is exactly what the American people need, an audit of Ukraine because we have no idea where all this money’s going.

“I’m introducing this resolution, and I’m looking forward to seeing my Republican colleagues support it.

“There’s not bipartisan support among the American people for fighting a war in Ukraine that does nothing for Americans except force them to pay for it.

“Ukraine is the new Iraq,” she said.

“Our country is run by stupid warmongers that are so clueless and disconnected with what the American people want that they are literally leading us into World War 3.

“That’s why I’m introducing a resolution to find out exactly where our money is going.”

Greene said earlier:

“The only border they care about is Ukraine, not America’s southern border.

“Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine. Our country comes first.

“They don’t care about our border or our people.”

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According to Politico, Biden and his team heard Greene loud and clear because they just brought back some of Trump’s border policies.

The policies are the same ones that the Democrats trashed when Trump put them in place:

As the White House gears up for the end of one Trump-era border policy this spring, it has its sights set on resurrecting a version of another much-maligned immigration program put in place under the previous administration.

The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice on Tuesday announced a proposed rule that will bar some migrants from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they cross the border illegally or fail to first apply for safe harbor in another country.

The rule was previewed by President Joe Biden in January.

Following a 30-day public comment period, it will be implemented upon the May 11 end of the Covid public health emergency, according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters.

May 11 is also the end date of the Title 42 public health order currently being used to bar entry to most migrants at the southern border.

The rule announced on Tuesday would stay in place for two years following its effective date.

The new proposal — which immigrant advocates refer to as the “transit ban” or the “asylum ban” — is the White House’s most restrictive border control measure to date and essentially will serve as its policy solution to the long-awaited end of Title 42.

Within minutes of its posting, the Biden administration faced a flood of backlash from immigrant advocates and Democrats who accused officials of perpetuating the Trumpian approach to border politics that Biden pledged on the campaign trail to end.

Threats of lawsuits also began to percolate.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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