Marxist Student Calls on Poor Pregnant Women to Get Abortions

Indiana University senior Jared Quigg, a self-declared Marxist, has called on pregnant women to get abortions if they are poor, arguing that it’s the “responsible” choice.

Quigg, who recently pushed for all Americans read Karl Marx, wrote a Mother’s Day-themed opinion piece in the student newspaper where he declared that women in poverty should abort their unborn children.

The radical student argues that abortion is the right thing for poor women because of the cost of delivering a baby.

Many women have motherhood “forced” on them due to some states protecting babies from legalized killing, Quigg claimed.

He then blasted “conservatives” for standing in the way of a woman being “responsible” by aborting her baby.

He wrote in the Indiana Daily Student:

The reactionaries love moaning about “individual responsibility” – is it not the responsible thing [for] a poor mother to have an abortion if she wants one, rather than bankrupt herself and her children?

Conservatives would deny a woman’s right to be responsible.

Now motherhood for many is an act borne of coercion, not love, and can lead to financial ruin.

Unlike conservatives, Quigg and his comrades don’t “hate mothers,” the Marxist claims.

That’s why he insists that “motherhood should not be forced upon anyone.

“The total disempowerment of anyone who would seek to ban abortion should be our first aim.”

He gets to this pro-abortion view by using common talking points used by far-left activists, such as referencing the maternal mortality rate.

CNN reports that the maternal mortality rate in 2021 “was 32.9 deaths per 100,000 live births, compared with rates of 20.1 in 2019 and 23.8 in 2020.”

Note that it went up despite Obamacare’s ongoing and massive government interventions in healthcare that Quigg desires.

This means though that a woman who is pregnant has a .03 percent chance of dying.

It does not even mean during labor and delivery – different agencies and groups use a six-week to one-year postpartum data range.

It also includes substance abuse or suicide that medical professionals tied to postpartum or post-abortive.

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Quigg also says women need abortion and socialized medicine because they are harmed by making less money.

“And if you survive? Good luck paying for it all,” he wrote.

“As if things couldn’t get any worse for American mothers, research has shown that being a mother can reduce a woman’s earnings.

“This could be for a variety of possible reasons, one being that mothers are often forced into part-time jobs in order to have time to take care of their kids.”

Is it being “forced” if a woman’s husband asks her to stay at home to help with the kids?

Communist Quigg concludes by declaring that he will not be buying flowers this year, which must be hard for his mom.

“So, America, maybe you can skip the flowers this Mother’s Day,” Quigg wrote.

“Our mothers don’t need flowers, they need liberation.

“America must learn that mothers are above all human beings and should treat them accordingly.

“There’s no better Mother’s Day gift than human dignity,” he wrote.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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