Maxine Waters: Trump Is Threatening ‘Millions’ with ‘More Killings’ If Re-Elected

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has issued a wild warning to the American people during an unhinged appearance on national television.

Without evidence, Waters claims that the possibility of Trump’s re-election is a “threat” to “millions of people.”

According to Waters, Trump “threatened” that “there will be blood in the streets” if “he does not win” re-election in November.

During a Sunday interview, Waters claimed Trump has promised there will be “more killings” of Americans, “particularly people of color.”

Waters explained that the alleged “violence” will be unleashed by Trump due to his “desire to reap revenge.”

The lawmaker made the comments when asked whether she fears for her personal safety if Trump were to win.

“I’m very concerned, not only about my safety and not only about the safety of members of Congress,” she claimed.

“I’m concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color.

“Donald Trump has said that if he does not win, it is going to be fraud, and because it is going to be fraud, there will be blood in the streets.

“He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there’s going to be violence.”

“I would say all of this talk is motivational with many of those who are racist, who are sitting at home listening to him, and they are taking him up on his threats even before the elections take place,” she continued.

“It is about thousands, maybe millions of people being threatened and being at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to reap revenge on anything and everybody.”

She claimed that Trump’s words, combined with the January 6 protests, would lead to “more killings” happening.

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“I think Donald Trump has to take responsibility for what he is saying about blood in the streets and violence if he is not elected to be the president of the United States of America,” she said.

If you’re wondering how Waters could make such wild claims and go completely unchecked, the congresswoman made the remarks on MSNBC.


Waters has been ramping up her fearmongering statements during corporate media appearances.

Just last month, Waters claimed that Trump supporters and “right-wing organizations” are currently “training up in the hills somewhere,” as Slay News reported.

According to Waters, they are preparing to launch an “attack” against “communities” if Democrat President Joe Biden beats Trump in the November presidential election.

85-year-old Waters warned the show’s viewers that “we better be careful about” Trump, who she claims is planning to unleash “violence” against the public.

Unsurprisingly, MSNBC didn’t request any evidence for the claims and Waters didn’t provide any.

Earlier this month, Waters also claimed that Trump’s supporters are “domestic terrorists” who must be investigated, as Slay News reported.

While explaining the wild allegations, Waters argued that Trump supporters are “preparing a civil war against us.”

Waters claims that Trump and his supporters are instigating violence in the U.S. and threatening “bloodshed.”

Again, evidence was conveniently omitted during this appearance on MSNBC.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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