Medical Professionals Demand Investigation into Sudden Deaths of 80 Young Doctors

Medical professionals in Canada are demanding a full investigation as the death toll continues to soar among the country’s healthy young doctors.

Since last year, 80 young Canadian doctors have died, with the number of deaths soaring way beyond expected rates this year.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is now coming under mounting pressure to investigate the issue but is so far refusing.

On Saturday, Dr. William Makis MD, a physician and cancer researcher wrote a letter to the CMA requesting that they look into the sudden rise in mortality among Canadian medical professionals.

Makis wants the CMA to investigate any possible links between the deaths and the implementation of mandated vaccinations for medical personnel.

Dr. Makis, who has authored over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications, also called on the government health body to put an end to all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canadian healthcare.

Dr. Makis is a Nuclear Medicine Physician who was formerly employed by the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton.

He ran the largest Nuclear Medicine Theranostics Lutetium-based (177Lu-DOTATATE) Cancer Treatment Program in North America, in Edmonton, Alberta, at Cross Cancer Institute, sponsored by the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services (AHS), authorized and funded by Health Canada.

In his letter addressed to CMA Presidents Dr.Katharine Smart (2021-22) and Dr.Alika Lafontaine (2022-23), Makis detailed that there should be an investigation regarding the untimely deaths of  Canadian doctors.

He provided some of his own findings that reveal a staggering spike in mortality rates.

“Our analysis shows Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be 2-fold higher compared to 2019-2020.

“Shockingly, doctor deaths under age 40 are 5-fold higher, and doctor deaths under age 30 are 8-fold higher,” Makis said.

According to Makis, CMA just sponsored the “2022 ICPH – International Conference on Physician Health” held on October 13-15, 2022

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CMA leaders discussed many topics at this conference.

“The one topic they DIDN’T discuss: young Canadian doctors dying suddenly and unexpectedly after COVID vaccine rollout,” he added.

Below is the excerpt from his letter:

On September 3, 2022, I wrote you a letter regarding the sudden and unexpected deaths of 32 young Canadian doctors since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, and I raised concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates contributing to these sudden deaths. The letter went viral on social media, it was viewed by millions of people worldwide, was translated into dozens of languages, and became the topic of numerous podcasts, media interviews, internet videos and news articles.

There has been a tremendous interest worldwide into what is killing Canada’s fully COVID-19 vaccinated young doctors. Unfortunately, Canada’s healthcare leaders including CMA, do not share this interest. Both of you failed or refused to respond to my letter, and you also failed or refused to respond to inquiries made by American philanthropist Mr.Steve Kirsch, as well as inquiries made by journalists.

I am now providing you an update with information about 80 young Canadian doctors who died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Four more doctors have died since my previous letter, and these unexpected deaths are accelerating. You cannot continue to ignore this.

My team has assembled a database of 1638 Canadian doctor deaths during the period 2019-2022, with 972 of them from CMA’s own website. Our preliminary analysis of this extensive data suggests that Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be 2-fold higher compared to the 2019-2020 average. Shockingly, Canadian doctor deaths under age 40 are already 5-fold higher in 2022 compared to the 2019-2020 average, and Canadian doctor deaths under age 30 are 8-fold higher!

McMaster University recently announced the sudden deaths of 3 young fully COVID vaccinated medical residents during the summer of 2022, which is unprecedented. All Canadian medical students and residents were forced into unscientific, unethical, cruel and harmful COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

I implore you again to remember your Hippocratic Oath and your own CMA Code of Ethics, and call for an immediate halt to all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canadian healthcare.

The CMA regularly publishes notices of deceased members on its website and lists all of the doctors who died.

According to Chris Martenson, Ph.D., “in 2022, the cohort of ‘under 30’ doctors have died at 800% of the baseline/expected number.”

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By Frank Bergman

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