Megyn Kelly Takes Swipe at CNN’s Ratings Disaster

Megyn Kelly laughed at the arrogance of CNN for thinking its digital streaming platform, CNN+, would be a winner when ratings for the flagship cable network continue to sink.

Kelly called out CNN for pushing Republican viewers away through its switch to partisanship and for mocking former President Donald Trump and his voters.  She said: “They telegraphed their hatred, not just for Trump but the right half of the country.”

Kelly said CNN’s ratings have fallen 56% since 2021and is averaging fewer than 700,000 overall viewers. “I would have been fired so fast at Fox News if I had been averaging anything close to that in the overall number. We were averaging over 3 million,” Kelly said.

“They’re under 700,000 in the overall — that’s the easy number to get.

“And around 165,000 in the key demographic of 25 to 54-year-olds, which is the main number they care about, because that’s what they can base their advertising fees on.”

“I want him there,” Steven Crowder said of Brian Stelter who is rumored to be on the chopping block at CNN after the merger.

“Rather than have to present the leftist argument, I just want Brian Stelter to be there as a mascot.”

Kelly and Crowder also spoke about Disney.

“Now, you see people on the Left saying this is hypocritical because people on the Right are now allowing a governor to silence people for having a different point of view,” Crowder said.

“If that was actually taking place, I would agree. But it’s not.”

“What you’re seeing is Disney trying to overturn the will of the people with political power and clout. And you’re seeing people from out of state try and come in and influence the politics of Florida, and that’s not market driven,” Crowder said.

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“It’s not what Americans want, and then, in my opinion, it becomes social engineering. It’s not capitalism.”

Stelter blamed the merger for CNN’s failure. He said:

“What a turbulent week for major media companies with CNN, Netflix, Disney and Twitter all left spinning with no stopping in sight.

“Here at CNN, new ownership decided to shut down the CNN+ streaming service less than a month after it was launched by the previous management team. The u-turn was front-page news, stunning news and painful news for everyone involved. Years of development possibly down the drain.

“Some of the shows may never be seen. Hundreds of staffers may be laid off, though the company is trying to place many of them in new jobs.

“Amid these bruising headlines, folks are trying to make sense of it. Some partisans are believing the predictable talking points about politics, but the truth is, this was a corporate move.

“This CNN+ service was doomed because of the timing of the merger and clashing strategies. The new owner has plans to compline multiple streaming platforms to make one big challenger for Netflix.

“It’s hard to fathom as a CNN employee worrying about my colleagues being laid off — that this was simply about corporate strategy, but that’s what it was,” he said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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