Megyn Kelly Says Trump Now Has Upper Hand in His Criminal Cases: ‘Incredible’

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly has said that she believes President Donald Trump has now “pulled the inside straight he needed to beat” the Democrats and their politically motivated criminal cases against him.

The Supreme Court’s stunning decision to hear Trump’s immunity claim on his Jan. 6 case has left Democrats in despair.

Democrats are now panicking that the 45th president may never face trial for the so-called “insurrection.”

The court’s move came after weeks of mixed legal news for Trump, some bad, some good, and some amazing.

Nevertheless, when you add it all up, there’s definitely a case to be made that Trump is winning.

Megyn Kelly, a former Trump critic, echoed the astonishment felt by many regarding Trump’s recent turn of fortune.

Trump has taken a significant financial hit from the civil courts in New York, where he has been fined over half a million dollars.

But the most serious penalty – a criminal conviction over January 6 – appears increasingly elusive.

Even if the Supreme Court rejects Trump’s argument about immunity, the court’s review will delay the trial, making a conviction before the election unlikely.

Of the four trials Trump faces, the federal election case is the most dangerous to his presidential campaign, given the dramatic nature of the charge – that Trump allegedly tried to “overthrow American democracy itself.”

Kelly noted that the court’s decision means Trump “may have pulled the inside straight he needed to beat these cases,” as developments in other states drag down efforts to prosecute him.

The case that is most likely to be decided before the election is a “joke,” Kelly said.

“GA is dying/severely delayed,” Kelly added.

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“FL ain’t happening b/4 Nov.

“And now, neither is J6 DC case. Incredible.”

Trump is set to stand trial on March 25 for allegedly paying “hush money” to Stormy Daniels.

When the charges were brought initially, the response from Trump critics was underwhelming, and it is generally seen – as Kelly said – as a frivolous case.

Meanwhile, a separate case in Georgia over the 2020 election has been consumed in an embarrassing soap opera involving the lead anti-Trump prosecutors.

The scandal now threatens to destroy the Democrats’ anti-Trump case completely.

The judge has warned that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces potential disqualification over even the appearance of impropriety.

The allegations against Willis emerged after she was caught having an affair with another prosecutor whom she hired.

This was the case that led to Trump’s iconic mugshot being taken.

But suddenly, it doesn’t seem so threatening.

Even if Willis is not disqualified, there is a consensus, even on the Left, that the case has been irreparably damaged by the prosecutors’ lack of discretion.

Trump’s classified documents case, in Florida, is also facing possible delays.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court appears likely to rebuke legal efforts to disqualify Trump from the ballot on January 6.

Regardless of how Trump’s court battles resolve, they are certain to take an enormous toll on his finances and his time, which he would rather put toward campaigning.

However, the Democrats’ intention has always been to disrupt Trump’s 2024 campaign with phony charges.

But recent developments have given Trump and his backers hope that the 2024 election is far from over.

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