Michael Cohen’s Shady Past Continues to Emerge, Spells Doom for Alvin Bragg’s Anti-Trump ‘Hush Money’ Trial

As the credibility of the “star witness” against President Donald Trump continues to be increasingly called into question, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” trial now appears doomed.

Bragg, the Democrat prosecutor in Trump’s “hush money” trial, has a major problem on his hands as witness Michael Cohen’s shady past continues to emerge.

Cohen, who served as Trump’s personal attorney before becoming a disgraced convicted perjurer, has been hailed by the Democrats as the “star witness” in the politically motivated case.

As Slay News reported, Cohen has been commenting on the trial even before he takes the witness stand.

The former lawyer has been posting anti-Trump videos on TikTok which his followers fuel by giving his cash donations.

His shady past could also create doubts with the jury.

Cohen is a central witness in Bragg’s case, which accuses Trump and Cohen of conspiring to hide “hush money” payments to Stormy Daniels.

The 45th president’s defense has maintained that Trump never had an affair with Daniels and that he was never involved in any payments to the adult star to avoid embarrassment to his family.

The prosecution acknowledged in its opening statement that Cohen, who served three years in federal prison, has “baggage.”

However, Bragg’s team pled with the jury to keep an open mind.

Bragg and his office argue that, even though Cohen has been convicted for lying under oath before, he must be telling the truth now because it suits the Democrats’ anti-Trump agenda.

During the trial, witnesses have commented on their experiences with dealing with Cohen in the past.

The witnesses so far have painted an unfavorable portrait of Cohen, describing him as dishonest, nasty, and difficult to work with.

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Keith Davidson, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels who negotiated the “hush money” with Cohen, said Cohen was volatile over the phone and evasive about paying.

“It was excuses,” said Davidson.

“It was contradictions.”

Davidson said he told Cohen:

“I don’t really believe a word that you are saying.”

Davidson also testified that Cohen was outraged and bitter about not getting a job in the Trump administration.

The testimony lines up with the defense narrative, which has characterized Cohen as bitterly “obsessed” with Trump and financially invested in his downfall.

“You cannot make a serious decision about President Trump under the lying words of Michael Cohen,” Trump’s defense lawyer Todd Blanche told the jury.

Cohen has given the defense material to work with by constantly commenting on the case from the sidelines, including on a TikTok channel where he has received donations from viewers.

The former Trump lawyer has been cheering for a conviction, attacking Trump using vulgar language.

“Michael Cohen is a complete mess as a witness for the prosecution in the current state fraud trial,” former federal prosecutor Michael McAuliffe told Newsweek.

However, the prosecution does have a way forward, McAuliffe said.

Bragg would need to convince the jury in deep blue New York City that Cohen and Trump are birds of a feather, McAuliffe explains.

“The jury may well conclude it was a perfect match,” he said.

“The prosecution team is counting on it.”

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