Migrants Shut Down International Bridge Crossing in Matamoros after Biden Ends Gravy Train

Venezuelan migrants have temporarily shut down an international bridge crossing in protest after Democrat President Joe Biden caved and introduced a new border policy.

Biden has come under mounting pressure from Democrat mayors after Republican governors flooded their “sanctuary” cities with illegal border crossers.

The Southern Border has suffered a huge influx of economic migrants who are making false claims of asylum.

Biden finally caved to pressure from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over migrants who abuse our asylum laws and take advantage of the Democrats’ weak immigration policy.

The crisis has deepened as the Biden administration continues to give taxpayer-funded “free” handouts, including nice hotels, free phones, aid, and free education.

As Slay News reported, one of the first Venezuelan migrants that was bused to Washinting D.C. and dropped off outside Kamala Harris’s house admitted he was there strictly to get a better paying job.

Word spreads fast when the gravy train is open which encourages more migration.

As the midterms draw near, Biden was forced to act and introduced a new policy to return Venezuelan migrants to Mexico.

However, migrants were not happy and mounted a protest, shutting down, temporarily, an international border crossing.

Reporter Daniel Benitez said:

“URGENTE migrants from #Venezuela expelled by the Biden Administration protest in #Matamoros, #Mexico and force the closure of an international bridge.

“Seizures at #frontera.

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“Until just over 24 hours ago, #venezolanos could request asylum in #Usa after entering illegally. #Border”

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said:

“Venezuelans expelled from U.S. under new DHS policy have gathered at the international bridge in Matamoros, MX where they are protesting their removal, resulting in a temporary closure of the bridge.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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