Mike Flynn’s Sister-In-Law Files $100 Million Defamation Lawsuit against CNN

The sister-in-law of President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has just filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against CNN.

Valerie Flynn accuses the far-left “news” network of deceptively editing a video to falsely make it appear that she is a follower of QAnon.

The lawsuit says: “CNN abandoned all journalistic standards and integrity, including CNN’s own standards and code of ethics, in writing, editing, and publishing the false narrative.

“CNN did not seek the truth or report it.

“It betrayed the truth to sensationalize the news for self-glory, profit, and politics.”

The suit says CNN deceptively edited a video of the Flynn family reciting the Pledge on Allegiance during a July 4th celebration.

“The entire family then exclaimed, ‘God Bless America,’” the lawsuit states.

“In the altered clip used in the O’Sullivan report, CNN intentionally edited out the oath to the United States Constitution and omitted the words ‘God Bless America,’ fraudulently making it appear and insinuating that Valerie pledged an oath of allegiance to QAnon.

“By its editing and production of the O’Sullivan report, CNN intended and endorsed the defamatory meaning.

“Although it knew nothing about Valerie, CNN consciously chose to include Valerie in the edited clip.

“The clip conveyed a very powerful (but untrue) message: that Valerie pledged her allegiance to QAnon.

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“CNN made no effort in the O’Sullivan report to dispel that notion.

“The O’Sullivan report intentionally misrepresented and actively sought to conceal what oath Valerie was actually taking.

“Valerie is not a follower of any violent, extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon.

“CNN’s false statements subjected Valerie to hatred, distrust, ridicule, contempt, and disgrace.

“They were a product of CNN’s imagination and desire to hurt General Michael Flynn.

“CNN is a Democratic Party trumpet.

“CNN recruits, hires, and promotes journalists who share its extreme ideology and political viewpoints.

“CNN harbors an institutional animosity, hostility, hatred, extreme bias, spite and ill-will towards the Flynn family, and, in particular, General Flynn.

“CNN’s false attributions exposed Valerie to public scorn, ridicule, and contempt, and lowered her esteem in the community, causing insult, embarrassment, humiliation and substantial injury to her reputation,” the suit says.

From Law and crime:

On July 2021, several months after the segment ran, Flynn’s brother John “Jack” Flynn and his wife Leslie Flynn filed a $75 million lawsuit.

Though a federal magistrate initially recommended that the case be dismissed, U.S. District Judge Gregory Woods ultimately allowed the claim of false light defamation to proceed to discovery last year on Dec. 16.

The retired general’s sister-in-law Valerie Flynn followed suit on Wednesday, with a larger damages demand.

She says that the video was taken at a Fourth of July barbecue at her home in Newport County, Rhode Island.

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By David Hawkins

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