MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Turns On Biden: Our Enemies Think He’s ‘Weak’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has turned on Joe Biden, warning that America’s enemies see the Democrat president as “weak.”

Scarborough ripped Biden for the “terrible moment” during yesterday’s press conference when Biden talked about Russia and Ukraine and used the term “minor incursion.”

“It was a terrible moment in the press conference when he talked about a minor incursion,” Scarborough said.

“There is no minor incursion.

“There is separation among the NATO allies and ourselves on Russia.

“There was separation because of the way we got out of Afghanistan.

“So, again, here is the problem.

“Biden seemed as weak from Russia, China and our allies on Afghanistan.

“If he’s seen as being weak on Ukraine, we’ll be back here six months from now talking about that minor incursion into Taiwan.

“The whole world is watching.

“Afghanistan set a poor precedent for Joe Biden.

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“Fair or not — the Biden administration will tell you for two hours they did exactly what they needed to do, and it was a success in the end, and we’ll let historians debate that, but Putin and Xi and our NATO allies are not debating that right now.

“They see Joe Biden as weak. Yesterday’s press conference did not help.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was so stunned by Biden’s unforced error that he took the extraordinary step of rebuking Biden, the leader of a key ally at this critical moment.

Zelensky said: “We want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nations.

“Just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones.

“I say this as the President of a great power.”

“It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and we have to fight about what to do and not to do,” Biden said about Russia invading Ukraine.

“There are differences in NATO as to what countries are willing to do, depending on what happens, the degree to which they’re willing to go.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki walked back Biden’s blunder hours later.

“President Biden has been clear with the Russian President: If any Russian military forces move across the Ukrainian border, that’s a renewed invasion, and it will be met with a swift, severe, and united response from the United States and our allies,” she said.

“President Biden also knows from long experience that the Russians have an extensive playbook of aggression short of military action, including cyberattacks and paramilitary tactics. And he affirmed today that those acts of Russian aggression will be met with a decisive, reciprocal, and united response.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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