Pelosi Hands Jesse Watters Huge Win, Proves He Was 100% Correct for Calling Her a ‘Reality-Denier’

Fox News star Jesse Watters dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi by calling the Democrat House speaker a “reality-denier.”

Watters said Pelosi “won’t even acknowledge the reality” of what inflation is doing to America.

“That’s the key word: Nancy ‘dismisses’ that,” Watters said.

“She’s dismissing everything you care about.

“Bill Clinton said, ‘I feel your pain,’ Nancy dismisses your pain.

“Pelosi won’t even acknowledge reality.

“She’s a reality-denier,” he said.

“It’s hard to face your failures, but that’s what grown-ups do, and this is exactly what Nancy dismisses.

“Forty-four percent say the economy or inflation is the most important problem facing us. Just 5% say it’s abortion.

“When Nancy says The New York Times is rigging their polls against Democrats, you know the Democrats are about to get wiped the hell out.

“And is Joe Biden talking about the number one issue facing the nation? No.

“Joe Biden, weeks before the midterms, give a big speech today about what just 5% of Americans care about.

“Democrats control the House and Senate right now.

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“Why are they waiting until after the midterms to codify Roe v. Wade?

“Because it’s a game to them,” Watters said.

“This is just another issue for them to run on instead of solve.

“Running on the economy should be easy.

“There’s a clear problem — all Joe has to do is tell us how he’s going to fix it, but he can’t because he won’t even admit that he caused it.

“So instead, he goes on stage and talks birth control and your bedroom.”

Yesterday, Pelosi held an astounding interview on CBS where she proves Jesse Watters’s criticisms to be accurate.

She refused to take responsibility for inflation and insisted all the Democrats have to do is change the subject.



MARGARET BRENNAN: You have said a lot is going to be determined by turnout. But you’ve heard, our CBS estimates have the Republicans taking the house with 224 seats. How do you shift the momentum?

SPEAKER PELOSI: Well, let’s just say, first and foremost, good morning, it’s Sunday morning, 15 days or so before the election vote, people are already voting, we’re very pleased with our early vote for our owning the ground initiative.

I- it’s interesting to me, because for a year and a half, the media has been saying, Oh, they’ve go– it’s gone, president’s party always loses in the off year. And now we’re down to the stretch. And we’re down to very close races.

And we feel very confident. I’ve been in over 20 states since Congress adjourned in the last month or so. And I see very clearly that the ownership of the ground is with us. It’s about getting out the vote, everything else is a conversation compared to that. But in order to do that, you have to have inspiration, you can’t run on empty.

And the fact is- is that, when I hear people talk about inflation, as I heard him there, we have to change that subject. Inflation is a global phenomenon- phenomenon.

The EU, the European Union, the UK, the British, have higher inflation rate than we do here. It’s not- the fight is not about inflation. It’s about the cost of living. And if you look at what we have done, to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, to bring down the cost of- of energy and the rest in our legislation, you will see that that has been opposed every step of the way by the Republicans, and they have no plan for lowering the cost of living or helping with inflation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Did you also realize at that time that the congressional spending would add to inflation? Did you see that risk then?

SPEAKER PELOSI:  Well first- first of all, government spending does- we had a pandemic, and that brought down unemployment from seven percent to three-and-a-half percent now.

It put people back to work, children back in school, inoculations in the arm, and it helped take us through that stage of the pandemic. But let me just say that because of people, more people working in the rest, the national deficit has been cut in half from 2.8 to $1.4. Trillion.

That is a big change. So it is- it’s, yes, we have to take a step forward to solve the pandemic problem. But we did so in a way that would reduce the national deficit and that is cannot be ignored.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But, on things like sending you know, those $1,400 checks, putting cash out there. I mean, didn’t that end up contributing to inflation? Do you have any regrets about the bills you passed and how you structured them?

SPEAKER PELOSI: No, absolutely not. Because this- that was necessary for people to survive. Our purpose–

MARGARET BRENNAN: The risk though, was that it was inflationary.

SPEAKER PELOSI: But the point is, is that, when you reduce unemployment, it’s inflationary. That is a fact. When I was a new member of Congress, I was told that unemployment was dangerously low in our hearings on inflation and unemployment.

Unemployment is dangerously low for what it does to inflation. But the fact is, the point is, is that this is about helping America’s working families meet their needs, and that was essential to them.

Less inflationary than a $2 trillion tax cut for the high end that the Republicans gave and we’re still paying a price for $2 trillion, 83% of the benefits going to the top 1%. So we feel proud of what we’ve done. We feel proud of the President. To help America’s working families to lower their cost, and in doing so to reduce the deficit.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, on the issues that voters tell CBS News are important to them, abortion ranks number seven.

Up top: economy, inflation, crime, immigration. Was it a miscalculation to believe that the momentum from striking down Roe versus Wade was going to help Democrats? Why not talk more about these issues around the economy?

SPEAKER PELOSI: I can just say this. Nobody ever- The elections are about the future. They’re about the economy. Everybody knows that.

Nobody said we’re doing abortion rather than the economy, but it’s- it’s about both. And I can tell you that that issue is very, very provocative and encouraging people to vote across the country, having just been there not sitting in Washington, but while going around the country.

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By David Hawkins

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