NBA Star Who Refused to Kneel During Anthem Protest Starts Apparel Brand to Promote Conservative Values

Orlando Magic star Jonathan Isaac has announced that he is starting up his own anti-woke sports and apparel brand that will work to promote Christian and conservative values.

Isaac said: “You have companies that are in that field who have made a conscious decision to either attack or undermine Christian values, conservative values, and things like that.

“And I think they have the free choice to do so, as much as I disagree, but I feel that we also have the freedom to create what we want to create.

“UNITUS is a sports and apparel company, and the basis of it for me is freedom.

“We can be proud of what we believe in.

“We don’t have to hide or be ashamed of it.

“As the day continues to get darker and darker and crazier and crazier — you standing up for what you believe is only going to get harder.

“But it’s only going to become more and more necessary.”

According to The Blaze:

Isaac made headlines in 2020 when he was the sole NBA player not to kneel in protest of the national anthem during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Isaac credited his faith in Jesus Christ for bravely rejecting the BLM narrative.

Isaac shared a link to a new documentary called “Unwoke” from PragerU.

Per PraguU:

“Why has everyone and everything gone woke? From iconic beer companies to your favorite retail brands, wokeism has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our culture.

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“In PragerU’s short documentary, Unwoke Inc., Amala Ekpunobi embarks on a cross-country journey to speak with pro-American leaders and entrepreneurs in business, academia, sports, and finance to understand how we got here and what we can do to fight back and win against the woke industrial complex.

“Featuring interviews with Vivek Ramaswamy (author of Woke, Inc.), Jeremy Boreing (Jeremy’s Razors)

“Amanda Ensing (Elevate Beauty), Jonathan Isaac (NBA and UNITUS apparel), and Michael Farris (founder of Patrick Henry College),

“Unwoke, Inc. proves that you can push back and make a cultural impact by providing non-woke alternatives in academia, culture, and business.

“Together, we can innovate and create businesses that are good for society and good for America.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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