Nevada Supreme Court Removes Woke District Judge from Criminal Case

The Nevada Supreme Court has stepped in and overruled the state’s judicial circuit regarding a controversial criminal case.

According to Yahoo News, the Nevada Supreme Court sent down a rarely-issued order for a judge to be removed from a case.

Clark County District Court Judge Jerry Wiese was ordered by the state’s high court to remove woke Judge Erika Ballou from a particular criminal case.

The order came down in the wake of Judge Ballou’s failure to abide by two previous orders from the high court regarding the case.

The criminal case in question involved Mia Christman.

At 18, Christman went on a violent crime spree that landed her a 10-year minimum prison sentence after she pleaded guilty to two felony charges.

Her attorney, Betsy Allen, argued in the appeal that Christman had been a victim of childhood trauma and sex trafficking

In response to the appeal, Judge Ballou vacated Christman’s sentence in 2021.

The decision meant she was released from prison before serving the full term.

Christman’s future then took another turn after she messed up again.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office continued to fight for Christman to serve the remainder of her sentence.

Prosecutors argued that Christman was manipulating the system again.

Christman failed to cooperate and disappeared twice before her guilty plea, according to prosecutors.

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Her conduct led the state’s high court to reverse the vacated sentence order issued by Ballou.

However, the judge never sent Christman back to prison as ordered.

The order to reverse the vacated sentence was issued once again in 2023, which was also ignored by Judge Ballou.

The latest failure led to the order to have Ballou removed from the case.

Allen and Christman went to the pardons board in March which denied their request, Yahoo News noted.

Nevada Supreme Court Justice Douglas Herndon expressed frustration.

“This is kind of turning our pardons process on its head,” Justice Herndon said.

“The walls are closing in on the District Court that is shockingly refusing to do its job.”

A complaint was filed by District Attorney Steve Wolfson, who accused Ballou of five violations.

“Judge Ballou failed to perform all duties of judicial office fairly and impartially when she repeatedly acted in favor of Christman and against the state,” Wolfson wrote.

“Judge Ballou’s bias has caused her to ignore the Nevada Supreme Court for nearly two years and impaired the fairness of these proceedings.”

Ballou has previously stoked controversy over her far-left ideology.

While serving as a public defender in 2016, she refused to remove a “Black Lives Matter” pin from her blouse when asked to by Clark County District Court Judge Douglas Herndon.

In 2022, while overseeing a case as a judge, Ballou provoked calls for her resignation after she made anti-police remarks in court.

Judge Ballou brazenly told a criminal in her courtroom she didn’t know if she would “walk away alive” from cops.

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