New York Now Giving Illegal Border Crossers Free Plane Tickets to Anywhere in the World

New York City is now taking drastic new steps to reduce the numbers of border crossers arriving in the so-called illegal immigration “sanctuary.”

NYC taxpayers will now be paying for illegal aliens to receive free plane tickets to the destination of their choice, anywhere in the world.

There is a catch, however, as the Democrat-controlled city is only offering one-way airplane tickets.

On Friday, Kayla Mamelak, the spokeswoman for NYC’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams, told the Washington Examiner:

“With no sign of a decompression strategy in the near future, we have established a reticketing center for migrants.

“Here, the city will redouble efforts to purchase tickets for migrants to help them take the next steps in their journeys.”

The outlet noted that migrants have already been issued one-way plane tickets.

Some are traveling to other states while others are jetting off around the world.

The report reveals they are headed to locations including Michigan, Colombia, and Morocco.

Some of the migrants rejected the offer of a one-way flight to anywhere because they wished to stay in NYC to work.

Mayor Adams said, “When you are out of room, that means you’re out of room.

“Every year, my relatives show up for Thanksgiving, and they want to all sleep at my house.

“There’s no more room,” he said.

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“That’s where we are right now.”

Before the illegal border crossers arrived, Adams previously proclaimed that NYC is a “sanctuary city.”

In October 2021, Adams declared on the campaign trail: “We should protect our immigrants. Period.

“Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.”

Adams said in August that the migrant crisis would cost the city $12 billion over three years.

However, some say Adams is not being “inclusive.”

City Council member Shahana Hanif said, “What we’ve witnessed from this administration — even if they’re not directly saying, ‘You’ve got to get out of here’ — is that they’ve consistently created hysteria and chaos and confusion and have not used a tone of inclusivity and welcome.”

Previously, Adams criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for shipping migrants to northern cities and called it a “publicity stunt.”

“I think what we’re seeing in the city is a political stunt,” Adams said.

“I thought what really personified that political stunt is the governor of Florida.

“He has nothing to do with it,” Adams said.

“I mean what was his purpose of sending a plane load to Martha’s Vineyard?

“He just felt as though he wanted to get into this horrendous action and so we’re seeing it this political stunt of this.”

“What is happening here in New York City and my concern is … I believe they created it.

“This is a humanitarian crisis created by human hands and it was a political stunt.

“I believe the other day we had eight buses that came in,” the mayor added.

“It is difficult to predict the erratic behavior of an erratic governor.

“We have no idea what’s next for him and what he’s going to do so we have to be ready to make sure we comply with our legal and moral obligation.”

Airline tickets can actually be cheaper than the costs to house and feed a migrant in New York City, which is said to be $394 a day.

New York City reportedly has had some 132,000 migrants arriving since last year and has been inundated with illegal immigrants seeking shelter.

New York City officials are considering erecting encampments to house the surging population of incoming migrants.

The need for migrant housing has increased as hotels designated for illegal immigrants have been overwhelmed.

City officials have recently discussed creating encampments and migrant tent areas in parks such as Central Park and Prospect Park, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this month, New York’s Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul admitted that the U.S. southern border is “too open.”

The governor warned that there is an illegal immigration crisis under Democrat President Joe Biden.

A Sienna College poll published on Tuesday found that 58% of New York voters said the influx of illegal immigrants will “destroy” the city.

The poll found the vast majority of New Yorkers blame Biden for the crisis.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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