New Zealand to Remove Baby from Family after Parents Request ‘Pure Blood’ for Heart Surgery

Authorities in New Zealand are attempting to remove a critically ill baby from his family after the child’s parents requested “pure blood” be used during vital heart surgery.

The 4-month-old baby needs surgery for pulmonary valve stenosis, a heart valve disorder.

The boy’s mother says she wants “pure blood” to be used, arguing that it is “safe” for her baby.

The mother’s lawyer says the family does want the baby to receive blood containing traces of vaccines using mRNA technology.

However, the request has been denied by the New Zealand health service, which is now applying to have the baby removed from the family and put through the surgery using blood that isn’t checked for traces of mRNA.

The health service insists vaccines pose no risk to donor supplies, according to RNZ.

On Tuesday, the Auckland High Court will decide whether to grant a request to remove the child from the family to perform the surgery.

Paul White, a lawyer for Te Whatu Ora, aka Health New Zealand, described the baby as “getting sicker with every heartbeat.”

Te Whatu Ora is making an application under the Care of Children Act regarding the baby’s open heart surgery, RNZ reports.

It is asking that the baby be placed under the guardianship of the court.

Te Whatu Ora then wants the court to appoint the doctors as agents of the court for medical care and the parents as agents of the court for all other care.

According to White, a child with this condition would have been treated by now.

Sue Grey, a lawyer for the family, said the doctors are dismissing the parents as conspiracy theorists and ignoring their concerns.

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A full hearing on the matter will be held on Tuesday.

Over 100 anti-vaccination protesters showed up outside the court to support the parents.

One supporter of the family, Sarah McNaulty, said she was standing up for freedom of choice.

“There’s so many people lined up to give their blood freely,” she said.

“That is where tyranny starts.

“When the state provides us with not being able to give blood freely to a patient that needs it.”

According to officials, the Blood Service does not segregate blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated donors.

Despite a lack of evidence, officials argue that there is no risk from the COVID-19 vaccine.

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