Newt Gingrich Warns Biden’s ‘Open Border Policy’ Is Destroying America

Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has warned the public that Democrat President Joe Biden’s “open border policy” is destroying America.

Gingrich has penned a blistering essay where he rebukes “Biden’s illegal immigrants” and blasts the policies that have “drawn millions into the United States by breaking the law.”

According to the veteran lawmaker, Biden’s “illegal immigration policy” is undermining and damaging the United States.

In the article, Gingrich insists that we should never discuss the current illegal immigration mess “without putting its architect’s name on it.”

That the architect is none other than the current president, Gingrich notes.

“The people illegally crossing the border are Biden’s illegal immigrants,” Gingrich states.

However, the former speaker warns that Biden is not acting alone.

The Democrat president’s open border agenda is being supported by his allies in the corporate media, which Gingrich describes as left-wing “propaganda.”

The question is not academic or semantic, he contends.

“The ongoing border disaster is taking resources away from Americans and legal immigrants and giving them to people who have broken the law to get into the country illegally,” he explains.

Left-wing “propaganda outlets” fail to connect the dots for their viewers, he writes.

This is because they know that the Biden illegal immigration policy is deliberate and “amazingly effective” from a leftist standpoint.

More people illegally flooding into the country “means more government spending and redistribution of resources,” Gingrich asserts.

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If allowed to continue, the Democrats will turn America into a socialist state because “more voters… will be dependent on the government.”

It is a fever dream of progressives for the “Big Government Socialists” to give illegal immigrants legal status or simply the right to vote, he adds.

The policy has real-world consequences for the many Americans who are being pushed aside for Biden’s illegal border crossers.

Under the Democrats’ vision of a leftist utopia, Biden’s illegal aliens deserve better treatment than Korean War veterans in their nineties or the families of American veterans and active-duty servicemembers, he notes.

Government policy has been converting senior living facilities for American citizens into migrant shelters with private rooms and meal services, he writes, citing a Department of Social Services (DSS) spokesman.

“Similar shifts of resources from Americans to Biden’s illegal immigrants are occurring across the country,” he observes.

Republicans need to take a page from the left’s playbook and learn how to “identify and highlight sympathetic figures” if they are going to defeat the Biden illegal immigration policy in the public sphere, he urges.

This entails harnessing the moving testimonies of parents impoverished by the Biden illegal immigration policy, legal immigrants punished for obeying the law and working hard, and mayors of major cities forced to transfer precious resources from education, public safety, sanitation, and other services “to take care of Biden’s illegal immigrants.”

Whereas President Donald Trump had the border remarkably under control, Biden has created a border disaster, he concludes.

That should be “a major issue in the 2024 election at every level,” Gingrich writes.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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