‘No Evidence’ Mitch McConnell’s Freeze-Ups Are Strokes or Seizures, Doctor Says

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) two public freezing-up episodes were not caused by strokes or seizures, Congress’s doctor has said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Dr. Brian Monahan issued a statement saying McConnell’s bizarre freeze-ups did not appear not to be the result of a stroke or a seizure disorder.

However, Monahan did not explain what caused the incidents.

In a one-paragraph letter to 81-year-old Sen. McConnell, Monahan said he reached his conclusion after a comprehensive neurological assessment.

The assessment included the results of brain MRI imaging, an EEG (electroencephalogram) study, and consultations with several neurologists.

As Slay News reported, McConnell froze for a second time during a press conference in Kentucky on August 30.

He was unable to continue speaking before being led away by staffers.


After McConnell’s office published a note from the office of the Attending Physician of U.S. Congress that cleared him to continue his public schedule, his office published a second note on Tuesday.

The Tuesday note clarified the freeze was not the result of a seizure or stroke.

“There is no evidence that you have a seizure disorder or that you experienced a stroke, [transient ischemic attack] or movement disorder, such as Parkinson’s disease,” wrote Dr. Monahan in the note addressed to McConnell.

The note also indicated that Monahan had examined McConnell’s health extensively after he suffered a fall in July.

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The examination included “brain [magnetic resonance] imaging, [electroencephalogram] study, and consultations with several neurologists for a comprehensive neurology assessment.”

McConnell has faced several health challenges this year.

His first freeze occurred on July 26 at a Senate GOP press conference.

He reportedly “face-planted” at an airport shortly before the first freezing episode.

The Senate leader also fell while walking on March 8, which led to a fractured ribcage.

McConnell has also been reported to use a wheelchair at airports, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Severe aging health issues and/or mental health incompetence in our nation’s leaders MUST be addressed,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wrote on Twitter/X following McConnell’s second freeze.

Greene and other conservatives have expressed concerns about whether McConnell is fit to complete his term as leader.

“There are no changes recommended in treatment protocols as you continue recovery from your March 2023 fall,” Monahan wrote.

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By Frank Bergman

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