NYC Mayor Eric Adams Launches Legal Defense Fund amid Corruption Investigation

New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has launched a legal defense fund to help him pay for legal costs related to a federal corruption investigation into him.

The defense fund will enable him to raise money for legal costs incurred for his defense.

The fund will also allow Adams to collect funds without violating strict city rules on politicians receiving gifts.

Up to $5,000 can be donated from each individual or organization toward legal fees.

However, donors need to be identified to prevent future conflicts of interest.

Subordinates of Adams are not allowed to donate.

Adams is being investigated for contributions made to his campaign by interests colluding with the Turkish government.

The mayor is also accused of pressuring the city’s fire department to give the Turkish government a permit to open a cultural center even though there were major violations of city codes.

The FBI raided the home of one of Adam’s top aides recently, as Slay News reported.

They also seized Adams’ phone and other electronics last week.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

In a statement, the mayor said:

“I want to be clear, I have no knowledge, direct or otherwise, of any improper fundraising activity– and certainly not of any foreign money.

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“We will of course work with officials to respond to inquiries, as appropriate–as we always have.”

Adams has not yet been accused of anything, so he doesn’t yet have much in the way of legal fees.

But he presumably expects that to happen or is preparing for that eventuality.

It seems kind of suspicious that the FBI is going after Adams like this.

After all, he is a Democrat and a rising star in the party.

However, Adams recently started speaking out against Democrat President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Would Biden really send the FBI and DOJ after Adams because he dared to say that illegal immigration was going to ruin the country?

It would be the perfect way to make an example out of Adams to show Democrats what happens when they speak out against the party leader.

It would also allow Biden to claim impartiality using Adams as an example of how the DOJ has also gone after Democrats and not just Republicans.

It’s hard to trust the DOJ after whistleblowers said Biden used it to block charges against his son Hunter.

The DOJ has also prevented investigators from looking into Biden himself.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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